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I don’t think i need to show you how to use the spell check.  Most of us have used this feature in email clients, word processing software like MS Word and many other places.

This feature is also available in Dentrix.  Next time you are entering the notes in patient record – take a quick look at the ABC icon.  Simply click on this icon to check the spelling in your notes.  You may also press “alt” plus “number 1” key at the same time.  


Have you tried using the Dentrix Screen Capture tool ?  



This tool is very similar to “Print Screen Button” available on most standard keyboards.   You may find this button coupled with other button.  On my keyboard I can see the “insert/print screen” button in the top row of my keyboard, next to f12.  Pressing this button (in some machines you may have to press function key + print screen button) will copy the entire screen (everything you see on your current monitor screen). Now you can simply paste the screen in email or in word document.  You can also open image editing program like “paint” and edit the image after pasting it.   This tool is really cool for saving the screen shots.

Now, lets get back to Dentrix.  Yes, you can use the print screen button if you want to capture an error or problem that you may later want to show to your IT Manager (hopefully that is one of us).  However, what if you want to save that data in your patient record ???

This is where Dentrix Screen Capture Tool can be really helpful.  Here is how you can access this tool:

Please open up the Dentrix Document Center. You can click on file and select the document center.

1. From the Document Center toolbar, select Acquire > Screen Capture.
2. From the Screen Capture dialog box, select  Start Capture. The mouse icon changes from an arrow to a cross-hair icon.
3. Click and drag over the area of the screen you  want to import into the Document Center. When you release the mouse, the image is automatically stored in the patient’s Document Center

You can use this really cool Dentrix Screen Capture tool to save any image on your computer screen,  including graphics, images from third-party software, X-rays, perio charts, and Web pages. These images can be stored directly in a patient’s Document Center.


Compatibility mode in Windows XP can be quite help full some times. But sometimes it can give you lots of problems.  Usually compatibility mode is turned on to support a particular website.   I have seen that most sites work better in Google Chrome browser.  Therefore, always try opening the site  in Google Chrome if you are having trouble with windows explorer.

Now – How to turn off compatibility mode in windows.

Go to Tools – > Compatibility View Settings – >Uncheck Bottom 3 Options


Setting up remote desktop on your server can allow you to control your server from other PC’s connected with your network.  This can save you a trip to your wiring closet.   Setting up remote desktop on windows server 2008 is fairly easy process.  Should take you less than 5 minutes.

Step # 1

Go to Windows Server 2008. Yes, you do need to walk over to your windows server 2008 and log in.

Step # 2

Click on your start menu and type “Remote Desktop” in the search field.

Now select, Allow Remote Access to your computer.


Step # 3

Once you select “allow remote access” – you will get a properties window.

Simply select the 3rd option (Allow connections only from computers running …..)

Remote access to your windows server 2008 is all set.  Now you can log into your windows server 2008 from other computers on your network.   Also, please make a note of your server name.  You will need it while connecting with the server from other computers.


How to find your “server name” ?

Right click on computer (in start menu) and click on properties.  You will get a window with your computer name and other information.



I started with top 10 list of blogs but there is so much good information available on internet that I had to grow my list.  Each one of these blogs offers some very unique educational content.  It’s like going to MBA without having to pay for it.  

Altos Ventures Blog   |

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 Steve Blank |

 Brad Feld (Foundry Group) |

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Dan Primack (Fortune’s “Term Sheet”)

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Bob Sutton |

 I am sure you will great value in each one of these blogs,  I did.   If please feel free to share a blog that you think can bring good value to entrepreneurial person.   Please make sure not to share irrelevant link or blogs that have nothing to do with  entrepreneurship.



The world is becoming increasingly competitive and every minute is counted in terms of money. In the present day situation, advertising and marketing are considered the only two mediums that can be economically very draining as well as can result in huge financial gain. Both of these are unanimously regarded worldwide for their high-end productivity and handsome financial returns. No matter how small a business is, marketing proves to be very helpful in increasing the profits of an organization and is capable of producing remarkable results overnight. Marketing indicates a well formulated and detailed planning that is prepared meticulously, and execution of the ideas included in the plan for producing good business. So considering the importance of this aspect it has indeed become the need of the hour to establish the presence of a brand with the help of marketing. There is no better way to enhance customer base, reputation and brand image of a company than by marketing itself. Marketing is a pricey phenomenon and involves huge cost. It becomes very profitable and exciting for an organization if it gets a continual flow of great marketing ideas.

Talking in this context a number of interesting options have been talked about. The following passage throws light on these topics.

  • Ever heard of performance marketing-This can be a great marketing idea, which involves no cost at all. It has started gaining recognition as an important marketing strategy in the growing world of internet marketing. Unlike other forms of promotion, performance marketing is paid only on the basis of its performance. The working of this concept involves creating website for the promotion and sale of products of other companies. Only after that, a complete transaction takes place a performance publisher is being paid. So get started with performance marketing and forget all money worries.
  • The second option gives the choice of associating and offering friendly assistance to a local kid’s apparel and shoes store. This is practically free marketing but is sure to offer profitable results.
  • It is indeed a good idea to build friendly relations with the local gynecologist workers who work at maternity ward and attend patients there. Tell them to inform you the next time when a new baby is born. This is indeed the easiest marketing option and involves no cost at all. Just when a couple of months are over the families of the new born babies can be contacted for offering services which they will need at that time.
  • When the capital or the initial investment for establishing a business is less in amount a few aspects need to be taken into consideration which are- increasing the amount of savings, realizing that the stock of goods is equivalent to money and they cannot be kept idle because unless and until they are sold there will be no profits and lastly comes the ability to enhance savings.
  • Distribution of pamphlets and flyers to local school parents and PTA meetings. This serves to be an effective marketing policy and it is totally free of cost. There are times when the local childcare providers do not have enough seats for accepting new entrants. Parents can contact the organization whose contact number is provided in the leaflets for availing their service.
  • Posting flyers to different Retirement Centers and Assisted Living Centers proves to be a helpful marketing option. The strategy really works because the old people who stays in such establishments helps in building contact with the service providers and their prospective clients. It happens because most of these old people are grandparents of the children whose parents need the service of these organizations. The grandparents can mention the name of the organizations whose contact number is given in the flyers to the parents and can advice them to avail their service for their children. There can be a more effective way if the service provider can prepare an informal presentation at their client’s home to strengthen their reliability and efficiency.
  • Client referral is another important form of marketing that is inexpensive and helps in giving good results. If a person is fully satisfied with a service that he availed, he can suggest the name of that service provider to his friends and relatives. Thus,”Referrals” serves to be the cost effective medium for promoting one’s business or brand.

Are you having trouble bringing visitors to your website? You may need to do some search engine optimization. Search engines may seem random, but all of them follow algorithms that look for specific things on websites. This article will give the tips you need to start improving your site for search engines today.

To quickly optimize a blog for search engines, add an SEO (Posicionamiento Web) plug-in. There are a variety of these sorts of plug-ins available for sites, like WordPress and Blogger. These plug-ins will automatically complete standard search engine optimization tasks for you, allowing you to focus on more in-depth ways of boosting your search engine traffic.

Don’t be afraid to use your keywords more if the language sounds natural. While search engines will penalize your site if it appears you are keyword-stuffing, if you can read your content out loud and it sounds normal and natural, you are unlikely to trip that penalty. Search engines try to remove spam, not sites with many incidences of a single word or phrase.

Use your keywords in the file names of images, javascript files, etc. Giving files a descriptive name is great for many reasons, including for browsers that aren’t going to display the image. Try to include different keywords in the alt tag than you use in the image’s file name. Don’t go too crazy, you don’t want what you’re doing to be obvious or you look shady!

To optimize search engine performance a website should not be designed to rely on JavaScript. While Java is very common and can add lots of functionality to a site, it simply cannot be indexed as effectively as raw HTML. There are also some visitors that will not turn on Java when they visit a site for the first time. A good website remains functional even if JavaScript is disabled.

If you want to make sure your website has high-visibility in search engines, make sure you are using relevant keywords throughout your page. For instance, if your website is about vegan foods, you should use phrases like “healthy vegan recipes” or “meat-less alternatives” throughout your website. That way, people who search these specific keywords will be more likely to see your site.

Spend as much time as you need to fully analyze and understand your key audience. While this might not be the only audience you target in search engine optimization, it is definitely the prime audience and the most tailored to your business. Therefore, you want to be sure that you are optimizing your site specifically to them.

Before you submit your website to search engines by using their free submission pages, make sure that you read their submission guidelines first. Search engines have clear policies about the frequency of your submission. This is to discourage a website owner from resubmitting his website repeatedly, thinking that the more often he submits it, the higher his ranking will be. You want to understand what the rules are so that you will not submit your website too many times.

Search engine optimization may sound too good to be true, but it’s the real deal. All of the tips in this article will help boost your search engine rankings and help more people find your site. Take the time to employ the advice offered here. It won’t take long for you to see some results.

A lot of people that upload videos in many cases are focused on learning “how to get views on you tube” and rightly so.  However, it is more than the video itself being entertaining, although naturally this matters.  People select youtube videos because their thumbnails and titles are utterly irresistible.  So ideally, when uploading to Youtube, find the thumbnail scene on your video at the most attractive part.  

Interaction around your videos is absolutely crucial to youtube.  Youtube values videos which have a great deal of comments, “likes” as well as “dislikes,” because it means there is a lot of interest in the video.  So when you ask in your video for viewers to respond to your “call to action”, like “leave a comment” or whatever, when people do this it is going to benefit your video because youtube will see that it is having interaction and it’ll install it higher up on the youtube search results (which are different from the other search engine results as youtube uses its own internet search engine).

But how to get noticed in the first place by these incomprehensible search engines? Use an incredible and popular keyword.  All this happens when you upload your video, but you need to have done your homework.

For the best results you should be utilising a keyword or search phrase with a large number of monthly searches without a great many other websites competing for that term.  Once you’ve discovered that keyword, you should optimise, optimise and optimise even more.  Optimise your file name, by making use of that keyword to name your movie file.  Then optimise your youtube video with the same keyword as the Title.  Make sure you apply the same search phrase within the description, and anywhere else you can imagine to make use of it.  And definitely, ensure you have mentioned your keyword in the video itself.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with the best secret that we always share when people ask “how to get views on you tube”, and it is: transcripts of the videos.  Have you actually seen those subtitles some youtube videos have when you select the CC button on the lower right corner of the youtube video?  This occurs when the film’s owner uploads a text transcript with the video to youtube.  Youtube appreciates it and search engines love it, especially if your video transcript is peppered with several uses of the search term, a minimum of 3 times in a, say, three minute long video.  Google finds these words and from now on knows what the video is talking about, so transcribing is a very valuable strategy.  From there, if you’ve uploaded a good video, how to get views on youtube is the least of your worries.

Julianne Pearce is a Youtube in Business writer from Christchurch, New Zealand.  Her free email mini-course available on her site, Top Tips for Youtube in Business, has detailed instructions for all of the above. Julianne delights in finding new, different, white-hat methods on how to get views on you tube as well as coming up with new ways for businesses and non-profit organisations to use youtube.

Here are the seven steps of our basic small business marketing plan.

  1. Seeds vs Leads
  2. Opportunity vs Actionable Opportunity 
  3. Trial Close vs Close
  4. Close vs Sale
  5. Sale vs Customer
  6. Customer vs Friend
  7. Friend vs New Seed

Now that you have planted plenty of seeds and have discoverd some good leads,  its time to find an opportunity.  You may also find it puzzling that leads and opportunity are totally different things.   Leads simply means that there is possibility that prospect may have an interest in your product or service.  On the other hand,  opportunity is defined as qualified lead along with interest in your product or service.  In other words,  you can convert a lead into an opportunity when you know for sure that this client has a need for your service,  want to know more about your product and has ability to pay for your product or services.

You may be start with 1000 of cold leads and may be end up with only 100 hot leads and from those 100 leads you may identify only 10 opportunities.   Some times customers may directly call you to inquire about your product or services with an expressed interest to make the purchase.   You can also identify these customers as an opportunity. 

This is where most new sales people waste lots of time.   Converting lead or call into an opportunity should only be done after careful analysis. You will have to invest heavily on opportunity and wrong opportunity can take up lots of your time and investment.  So, lets try again.

  1. Does client have a need for your product or service ?
  2. Have client expressed an interest in your product or service ?
  3. Can the client pay for the product or service ?

Now that opportunity has knocked on your door, we can move on to next step.   We will need to further qualify this opportunity to see  if its worth pursuing.  Basically we are trying to weigh in the cost of closing this deal vs the revenue this deal will bring in.

Look at the total revenue and total cost over the life of your sale.  For example, a dentist will see the patient 4 to 6 times a year.  Average patient may stay with dentist for about five years.   Average revenue per visit may be about $100.   Now you can do the simple math.   Total revenue over the life time of patient will be about $100 x 6 x 5 = $3000.00.     How much should you spend on the deal that will make you $3000 ?  Well,  I am sure you can answer this question.

 If you still feel this opportunity is worth pursuing than you have yourself an actionable opportunity.  This is where you need to compete and prove yourself.   This is where you need to give your best. 

What kind of things you can do with actionable opportunity ?

  • Connect with the client:  Don’t rely on emails.  Call the client, phone call is your best friend.  Don’t give too much information on the phone either.  Ask for in person appointment.
  • Connect with the staff:  People around the decision maker should not be ignored.  They can tell you what decision maker may never tell you.  There might be other people who need to make the decision or there might be competition visiting twice a week.  
  • Use Direct Mail:  Don’t send all information via email. Nice presentation, flyer, brochures mailed directly to actionable opportunity can do magic.  Also, don’t send them all at once.  Send one peace of the pie every week.  Give more reasons to do business with you.
  • Share Past Client References: Volunteer to arrange a phone call with your past client.   Make a video testimonial and send it to client.  Personalized note or letter can also help.

 Once again, idea is to connect with the customer.   Customer will buy product from you or your competition.   And it is your responsibility to make sure your customer has all the reasons to do business with you.   This is where your sales plan should kick in.   Now is the time to dress up and impress. 


This tutorial is for you if you are using DSL connection with Cisco ASA5505 and using hosted VOIP system.   You are also experiencing bad call quality.  More than likely its the person on the other end of the call who is having hard time hearing you.  This is because your router is sending out packets using First In – First Out.  If we can tweak the router so that VOIP packets go out first than you will have a much better call quality.   I am going to show you how you can do this using Cisco ASA 5505.

First of all, lets do a bandwidth test to see what kind of bandwidth we are getting.  I used the

Ok – See we have .64 Mbps or 640Kbps of upload that we can manage.  No need to worry about download because we have no way of controlling how service provider will send the packets. 


Common mistake I find in VOIP Networks is that QoS is being done using SIP protocols.  SIP is only used as call control.  RTP is being used while call is in session.   Therefore, I recommend using RTP to prioritize your Voice Traffic.  I used the port numbers 16384 to 32767 to prioritize my RTP traffic.  These port numbers are used by Cisco for RTP traffic.  So, basically I created a new class VOIP and matched the RTP traffic. (As Shown on Left)

Than, I created Policy Map VOIP to gave it a priority.  This Policy Map will tell the ASA What to do with the class VOIP.  In other words – now RTP traffic is identified and ASA knows that it needs to give it a priority.  

Now, I create another Policy Map named QOS.  I will use this policy map to shape all other traffic.  You can do using class “class-default”.  This class is already prebuilt.  I simply shaped it to 280,000.  

 Why 280,000 ? This is not a magic number.  I did a bandwidth test on DSL network and found that my upload speed is about .63Mbps or 630Kbps. I wanted to ensure I can make up to 4 calls without running into VOIP trouble.  Each call takes about 80K.  4 calls will take 80 x 4 = 320K.  So I need to guarantee 320Kbps of bandwidth for my calls and save the rest for all applications.   630 – 320 = 310 kbps.  I reduced it to little less (280K).  This is because you can only apply the average shape in the multiple of 8000.  This is the limitation fo Cisco ASA 5505.

In my Policy QOS, I also created an exception for my VOIP traffic by adding service-policy VOIP comman. Basically, this tells the ASA to limit all traffic to 280K except the VOIP traffic (which is RTP traffic).  

Last step left is to apply the policy to interface.  We do this using service-policy QOS interface outside.

Result:  Please note – there is no drop in VOIP traffic

Now, lets a do a bandwidth test again to see our internet bandwidth is limited to .28 Mbps or not.  I will use the again.

Perfect, as you can see how our upload bandwidth is down to .26 Mbps 

 After applying the policy, I uploaded a video on youtube to see how this impacts my voice quality and here is the result:

 How can you test to see if QoS is working ?

You can use the following commands to see if QoS is working.

  • Show service-policy
  • show service-policy shape