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Hundreds of thousand visitors search online every hour but most of them don’t end up on your website.  You can get some quality visitors to your website but simply adding quality content.  Offering quality content via blog, audio or video will make search engine visit your site more often and help you rank better in search results.

 Search engines love content that are Search Engine Optimized (SEO). This is probably one of the best ways to boost traffic to your website and it’s very engaging of your customers.  Let me explain how quality search engine optimized articles work and they can help your website.

First of all, you need to understand what is a keyword? In a very simple term, it’s a “word or series of words” you type in search engine to find website or webpage.  Google or other search engines go to their data base and produce a list of search results based upon the popularity of each webpage.  Search engines that the most popular webpage for the keyword searched must be most accurate response to user query.  The way that Google deems a website or webpage popular is by counting the number of links that point back to this site on the internet.  Not just any links – good juicy links that tell Google that this page is important. Now that you know the basics than how can you get your website on the top of the search results? The answer is through Search Engine Optimized articles.

 These articles are designed for readers but also designed for search engines by incorporation multiple variations of keywords in the article.  Once the articles are proof read and properly optimized, SEO articles are then submitted to blogs, directories, and personal websites in order to provide a supplement of back links.   All these links point to your website that helps you gain competitive advantage in search results.   We also recommend that article postings just be unique for each posting.  This helps in elimination of duplicate content from the internet and search engine reward websites that follow this rule.

 I would also like to post out the cost vs price aspect of SEO articles.  Lower cost SEO articles are usually duplicate and can be easily found on internet with little search.  Moreover they are usually not  optimized for your business.  Although these kinds of low cost SEO article may give temporary boost to your website rankings but they may either be blocked by search engine or heavily penalized for not following the guidelines established by the search engines.  

 Here is basic rule of thumb, write writing a article or two for your website and then optimize it for the search engine.. You will know exactly how much time a good written optimized article should take and what s it worth.  Also, don’t forget the 2nd part of the puzzle.  You also need to submit the original article to each unique article directory to get good back link.

 As you can see, properly optimized quality articles can be great way to help you boost traffic to your website.  Tell us how quality content has helped your website?   Can you tell what keywords this blog post is optimized for?

You may notice that updating some data or images on your webpage is not immediately recognized by search engines like Google. In some case it may take weeks if not months for search engine to show the updated information in the search results.

This is due to the fact that search engines keep copies of WebPages in its massive database. When user search for a “keyword”, Google bots go searching for the WebPages in Google Data Base (not on world wide web). This makes the process of searching much faster. However the drawback of this process is that results are not up to date.

Google uses a process of “crawling” the internet to find the updated and new WebPages on daily basis. However every single page or website is not crawled every day. How many web pages and which web pages should be crawled? This question can only be answered by the search engine. Google has given some direction about its crawling process, “Our crawl process is algorithmic; computer programs determine which sites to crawl, how often, and how many pages to fetch from each site. We don’t accept payment to crawl a site more frequently.”

You can not pay search engine to crawl your site than how can you ensure search engine gets the most up to date information about your website. This is where your website design team and Search engine optimization specialist come into play. They can design your webpage based upon the recommendations of search engines like Google. This will ensure you have a fair chance of winning in the competing world of internet. Search engines have offered clear guidelines that must be followed in order for search engines to accurately index your site in their data base.

Here are some of the technical guidelines by Google:

Technical Guidelines By Google

Google Web Master   Technical Guidelines

  • Use a text browser such as Lynx to examine your site, because most search engine spiders see your site much as Lynx would. If fancy features such as JavaScript, cookies, session IDs, frames, DHTML, or Flash keep you from seeing all of your site in a text browser, then search engine spiders may have trouble crawling your site.
  • Allow search bots to crawl your sites without session IDs or arguments that track their path through the site. These techniques are useful for tracking individual user behavior, but the access pattern of bots is entirely different. Using these techniques may result in incomplete indexing of your site, as bots may not be able to eliminate URLs that look different but actually point to the same page.
  • Make sure your web server supports the If-Modified-Since HTTP header. This feature allows your web server to tell Google whether your content has changed since we last crawled your site. Supporting this feature saves you bandwidth and overhead.
  • Make use of the robots.txt file on your web server. This file tells crawlers which directories can or cannot be crawled. Make sure it’s current for your site so that you don’t accidentally block the Googlebot crawler. Visit to learn how to instruct robots when they visit your site. You can test your robots.txt file to make sure you’re using it correctly with the robots.txt analysis tool available in Google Webmaster Tools.

These are just some of the many guideline set up Google. Following such guidelines will make sure your website stays on the good list of Goolge. Google has designed its algorithm around efficiency and accuracy. If you continue to provide updated, relevant and quality content on your site than there is a good chance that you site will be crawled as often as its updated. Google algorithm is also adaptive. If your site is being updated every day and then Google will learn that pattern and start to crawl your site on daily basis but if your site is updated every two months that Google will probably crawl your site every two months.


I am sure you must have heard of term Search Engine Optimization and how it can help your site rank better for a given keyword.  In case you are still living in 20th century and are completely unaware of SEO than you can read the basics of search engine optimization here.  It may sound obvious but let me say it anyway.  Better ranking for keyword also means more sale. So, it make sense to invest on SEO  but how much money you should spend on search engine optimization ?  I hope this small blog post can help you find the answer to this question.

How to Estimate Your Return On Investment (ROI)

Before investing on your next SEO or PPC project you should predict the likelihood for return on investment.  You may find it impossible to calculate an accurate ROI; but you can get a basic idea by doing some simple math.

Simple ROI Estimator for an E-commerce Site SEO project

Start by searching some good keywords for your website.  You may find it very helpful to hire a professional company who can do a keyword research for your business.   Professional SEO Company can also provide some good numbers that will allow you to make estimates for ROI.  Try to collect the following information from the SEO Company or doing your own research.

Estimated SERP position (after SEO)

Estimated Monthly Search Result (should be fairly accurate)

Estimate Conversion Rate

Based upon these numbers, you can now calculate your monthly margin per keyword.

Monthly margin per keyword = (SERP position % x  Conversion Rate % x Monthly Search Traffic) x average  margin for the product.

Higher the SERP position = More clicks for your site, how much more?

SERP Position 1 = 56 %
SERP Position 2 = 13 %
SERP Position 3 = 9 %

 For Example:

Lets take a look at an online beauty supply store with a 2% estimated conversion.  If this site can achieve 2nd position for a keyword with 100,000 monthly searches and $50 margin than this keyword will be making about $13000.

Let’s do the math :

(.02 x .13 x 100000) $50 = $13,000.00 margin per month

How much are you willing to pay for SEO if you can make additional $13,000 every month?  Want to know the ROI of your SEO project ? 


Search Engine Optimization or SEO can be defined as a process of improving ranking of webpage in natural organic search results.   For example, if you searched for term  “webdesign fixtro”, you will be presented with search results.  This search result page is divided into three sections. Section 1 (on top of the page) and Section 2 (on right side of the page) are advertisements.  You can place your ads in these sections but you will have to pay for each click or based upon number of impressions of your ad.  However, third section of the page presents “organic search results”.  No one can buy a spot in this section of the web page.  Each web page is evaluated on number of criteria and winner is presented on top of the page.

Here is an example of Search Results for “webdesign fixtro”:

Organic search results are presented in the third section with green border.  Companies around the world and companies around corner, both, compete to get their webpage on top of this section.  Why not ? After all its free.  However,  ranking on top is not an easy nut to crack.  Algorithms used by search engines to evaluate the web page are consistently changing.  Site that is ranked # 1 on Google search results may not rank even in top 10 pages tomorrow.    You can go from top of the search results to the bottom of search results with in hours.  However, getting from bottom to top can take months if not years.

Process of improving rankings in search engine for webpage is know as Search Engine Optimization or SEO.  Rankings can be improved using best practices recommended by search engines and bad practices recommended by flyby-night SEO or Search Engine Optimization companies.    Did I confuse you ? Let me explain.  

Search Engine Optimization is a process that takes time.  Your website or webpage should be easy for search engine to understand,  offers correct information user is looking for and must be liked by other users of similar interest.   If multiple webpage are tied for first two criteria than the most popular webpage wins and presented at the top of search results.  Making your site popular can be done in hard, painful and ethical way or in easy/fast way.  Hard painful and ethical work produces long term results and help you rank better on search engine over time.  However, quick and fast way may get you on top of the page in as little as 3 days but there are very good chance that you will be penalized by search engine or result in completely removed from the search engine results.

Most popular webpage ?   Concept of popularity of webpage is all about “back links”.  Meaning how many other sites on the internet are linking back to your webpage .  For example, you sell shoes for men and they are on sale for $50.  Customer went to your sent and shared the link on his or her facebook profile – that is a back link to your site.  Or let’s say – you really liked the blog post and shared this blog on your website.  That is a back to link to this webpage.  In other words,  search engine feels that site with original and creative content will be shared by users.  And therefore this site must have a better information for the key term searched. 

Can Fixtro help in making my website popular ?

 I don’t think you really want us to make your site popular.  What you really want is targeted visitors to your website.  1000 targeted visitors are much better than 100,000 random visitors.  And therefore you need to look at complete picture of Search Engine Optimization.  This includes:

  • Good Layout of Site
  • Good Content on site
  • Search Engine Readable
  • Popularity on net

 How quickly can my site rank in top 10 listing of Google ?

Depends on many factors but key is what kind of competition the keyword has.   For example – competition for keyword “web design” is much more than for “webdesign Fremont”.   Just because of this face, it will take us longer to rank for “webdesign” than to rank for “webdesign Fremont”.  Choosing the right keywords is the key.  Good Search Engine Optimization company will spend a day or two to understand your customers and your products before recommending keywords.   Once keywords are selected you can work on content and other search engine optimization factors.

My site do not show up in search results at all ?

There are many reasons for search engine not showing your website.   You site may be blocked by search engine due to black hat search engine optimization or may be search engine can’t crawl your website or you may have duplicate content on your website.   There are hundreds of factor that may contribute to this issue.   But usual issue is either black hat SEO or duplicate content.

Any suggestion for new websites ?

Do something !  Most new website owners leave the site on the net hoping some how customers will get there.  Often sites website owners also get scared of SEO cost.   Search engine optimization is important if you are serious about your website.  Contact a local SEO company that can work with in your budget and help you achieve milestones as you grow your site.



Believe it or not, a patient sued his dentist for charging him a fine of $100 simply because not liking the services of the dentist the patient submitted bad reviews at two consumer forums. The case is now up in theManhattanfederal court.

Stacy Makhnevich, the dentist made her patient Robert Lee sign a privacy contract before she proceeded to treat his infected tooth cavity. This happened in November 2010. After the cavity was filled Lee received a bill amounting $4,766 which he cleared that year itself. However Stacy the dentist did not mail him doctor’s copy of the operation which he wanted to file with his insurance company for medical reimbursement. Quite disgusted by the way things turned out Lee vented his frustrations over two popular consumer review forums: and DoctorBase. “Avoid at all cost!” “Scamming their customers!” Is what Lee wrote.

According to Lee’s attorney Paul Alan Levy, things began to turn worse post forum-review submission. Robert Lee was sent $100 fine notice for each day that hosted the review online. This was accompanied by the threat of a lawsuit for breaking the contract policy that Lee signed before he underwent the cavity operation. Apart from this Stacy Makhnevich also sent lawsuit threats to Yelp and DoctorBase pressurizing that they delete Lee’s comments from their respective pages.

Robert Lee saw no way of getting out of the doctor’s malice and therefore filed an official lawsuit against her and why would he not? “What Lee did is natural” supports Paul Levy. Privacy agreement contract like the one that Lee signed saying he would not circulate comments on Stacy’s work, compels people to suppress truthful facts. This however is quite a trend in recent business. Such contracts aim at “abusing” intellectual property laws aiming to cover consumer criticism opines Lee’s advocate.

Robert Lee was not very keen to sign the contract but because he had a painful tooth he did not see any immediate resolve to deal with the situation. So he signed. But what has become of the situation now is quite stressful for Lee to bear. According to Robert Lee’s lawsuit the contract prepared by dentist Stacy Makhnevich was quite against healthcare morals, was misleading and “not valid under state law”.

Another reason that Paul Levy pointed out is that websites such as is protected by copyright laws ad therefore such commentary a Lee posted is legally protected as “fair use”.

Lee proposes the court to put to void the contract he and many other patients signed for Stacy’s clinic. Also he demanded the Stacy to return his entire cost of medical treatment charges. 

Heard of internet banking, online stock account, money transfer via internet? These are ways how you can easily monitor your financial records without having to do a lot of running about. However most often clients are reluctant to use internet for online monetary transactions. This is because the fear of security breach is nightmarish and there are severe incidents where bank accounts have been hacked and all money went missing! Yes this can happen to you too. Given the financial crisis that the community faces it has become a tasking challenge to seek out cost effective ways to improve business procedures and to retain clients. The only question that crops up here: “How safe our informations are with the financial institutions?” Indeed this is a highly sensitive issue.

If you compare the IT security breach report of 2009 to 2010, you will be shocked to know that in about four months there has been on an average, 20 breaches amounting to loss of million of dollars. Most of the breaches resulted because of internal misuse of information or hacking by outsiders, people believe. However the case is otherwise. Most of the security breach incidents took place because of “accidental exposure” and “loss of data”.

Such breach incidents occurred both in small and big organizations all across the economic world. Data breaches covered loss of private information like names, address, birth date, SSN (social security number and PAN (Personal Account Number). of all breach records the common most incidents are: an outsider hacking a company’s central computing network or angry and vengeful ex- employees  taking away key customer information. Regardless of how the data is lost, stolen or misplaced, the people that are affected much by such security breaches in IT sector are the unaware customers.

The 2010 data breach report includes names such as

Citi Group: tax return paper of over 550,000 came with SSN sealed on the outside of the envelope.

US Bank: reported that a laptop went missing which contained important clients’ information

Securities and Exchange Commission: laptop containing names and SSN was stolen

ING Fund: for this institution it was most surprising and shocking that over 100 clients SSN and bank account number could be accessed through a common search engine.

John Hancock: an internal executive misplaced a CD that contained vital account information and social security numbers of 1,050 customers.

Wells Fargo: lost SSN and Bank account information of 953 clients.

Sun Trust Bank: Bank accounts of over 100 customers were compromised by ATM skimmers.

Despite repeated breaches often an institution tries covering up the lead. The reasons to this: fear of business downsize, loss of potential clients, fear of getting black listed and ultimately losing out their market stand.  

General attacks that can affect you

Apart from the most obvious ways of losing your personal financial information that has been discussed above, there are plenty of other things that can affect you in an equal bad manner.

Phishing: Professional hackers use this method to extract crucial information / financial report. Generally these hackers try to convince people to invest with their make-belief companies thus in a way deriving private information. The hackers might talk to you in person or you may receive mails asking for your date of birth, SSN, PAN, bank account number, credit card number, name, address etc.

SQL Injection:  This is one of the various tactful ways of gaining access to personal information stored in a computing system. This strategy is put to use in the form of web attack mechanism which provides a SQL query form as soon as you use a login name to open your account in a webpage. 

D Do S: This method is called the Distributed Denial of Service Attacks. In here when you open a webpage you will probably have a multiple number of systems attacking that single target. This slows down the system and often leads to complete shut down of the page. This way you will be denied access.

APT: known as Advanced Persistent Threat is one of the most intelligent cyber crimes that an antivirus can hardly detect. It’s a sensitive spyware that when infused to a system can collect data from hidden folders without any trouble.

Key Stroke Loggers: such design monitors what keys are typed on a keyboard and thus can easily collect passwords to private accounts. A person using the keypad won’t be aware of such malice.

Such sophisticated social engineering attacks are becoming popular everyday. Therefore it is essential that you learn the schemes before you operate from any unknown system.

Laws against cyber crimes:

If you detect something fishy it is advisable that you immediately check with your bank manager or the concerned people who can provide proper information. The state and the federal government in their effort to constraint cyber crimes have implemented severe laws against cyber-attackers. Let’s read through some of the options:

  • Gramm-Leach Bliley Act: civil lawsuits, fines and imprisonment
  • Payment Card Industry Compliance: fines of million of dollars
  • Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act: Lawsuits and imprisonment
  • Red Flag Rules: $10,000 fines on every incident and imprisonment
  • Federal Financial Institutions Examinations Council: Lawsuits and imprisonment


Aren’t the Laws good enough to protect information breaches?

The laws that are mentioned above are well schemed. However the reasons why organizations fail to provide guaranteed security is because of: cost, company rules and regulations and volume of data. Proper maintenance requires good money. This directly affects a company’s employment and available technical facilities; without which it gets real difficult to cope up with much required security measures.


The need to protect your information:

The need to protect yourself is no more a speculative affair. It is much of a necessity. With increased number of data breach events you need to ask yourself: can you afford to let your money get into wrong hands? Will you be able to recoup the future loss? No? Then consider going following reviews of

1. IT Security

2. Data sensitivity

3. Malware protection

4. Business impact analysis

5. Penetration Test

6. Assessment of Vulnerability

These factors if kept in mind and also if implemented assures quality security to protect customer information without much hassle. If your financial institution is not trust worthy then customers will turn away. There should be no doubt. In order to generate trust you need to build a secured transaction system first. The rest would follow. 

How to rank 1 on google ? – You are not the only one asking !

What is the # 1 question client ask me about online marketing?

  • Can you get us on first page of Google search results?

And the answer is – Yes, we can help you get there and here is how you can you do this in 10 steps.

Let’s start with the basics:

What is the purpose of your website?

  • Is it a business card?
    • With simple name, address and phone number.
    • Is it a brochure?
      • With list of products and service along with brief description.
      • Or is it an online store with products or services?

If website is any one of these than chances of you ranking # 1 on Google are really slim.  In other words, your website is just like the majority of your competitor website and there is no reason why potential customer should see your website first.

So, how do you stand out from the crowd?

  • This requires some brain storming.  Let’s do it together.

Can you think of anything else that your website can be?

For example:

  • Can it act as your company spokesperson?
  • Can it act as sales person for your products/services?
  • Can it answer your client quires and provide extra information?
  • Can it make you look bigger than you really are?
  • Can it establish you as a market leader in your area of expertise?
  • Can it help you convert prospect into a customer?


In other words, can your website act as an employee of your company assisting potential customers 24 x 7.   This is the key to success.   You must start treating your website as your “employee” who requires training, coaching, feedback and occasional motivation. 

Now that you have some food for thought, let’s take it one step further. For the time being I want you to forget that we are talking about your website.  Let’s assume we are talking about your store or office.

 When client comes to your office, they see a nice, clean and organize office.  Within few seconds, person at the front desk greets the customer and assist them with their visit.   Sales person answers client question and help them make the buying decision.  Manger of the company tells the client about the recent achievements of the company and how your services has solved other client problems and together all employees help close the sale.

 Well, similar team work needs to take place on your website! Your website needs to great the customer, answers the questions, and helps your customer move from prospect to customer.   

So, how do you convert your website into an “employee” who works 24 x 7 for you?

I am going to show you how to do this but before I get started I want you to keep these two things in mind.

–          Start with right mindset, expectations and goal:  You need to start treating your website like an employee and make one year long goals with specific milestones.

–          Tackle one piece of puzzle per month:  As you will start brainstorming, you will start coming up with great ideas. No need to implement them all. Simply write them on the list.

 Now, let’s get to the bottom of this:

 Stage # 1 – Very little cost and very little effort – Must have for all websites.

 Make sure your site has logo

  •  Have some of the most basic pages: About Us, Contact Us, Bio of principals, management and staff. 
  •  List of products and services

Stage # 2 – Development Investment

  • Nice Clean Design
  • Clearly defined ‘information flow’
  •  Scalable Architecture
  •  Reliable and dependable technology.
  • Secure and fast website.

Stage # 3 – Basic Content Creation Investment

  • Add more detailed information about your products/services.
  •  Remove all duplicate content.
  •  Add professional graphics and some original photos.
  •   If possible, hire photographer to take the office and staff pictures.
  •   Create video testimonials


Stage # 4 – Add “Download” section – mostly marketing material to your site


  •  Download Logo
  •  Download Business card
  • Download brochure
  • Download case study
  • Download inforgraphics
  • Download Powerpoint
  • Download Audio/Podcast
  • Download video.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to all of them at this stage, just add few items to download section and we can add others later as your site grows. Professional created marketing material will help your considered as stable and professional.

Stage # 5 – Add ‘Social Media’

                Some experts may disagree with me and say that social media should have been added in the first place.  You may do so but I prefer doing social media when I have some decent amount of content on my site and I am ready to share and participate actively with my friends on facebook and twitter.

  • Share content – Not Marketing Material
  •  Share Stories – That will help your friends!
  • Share Jokes – Everything don’t have to serious business!
  • Read others comments and respond.
  •  Actively participate by reposting and responding.

Stage # 6 – Now you are ready for some serious business aka BLOG

  •   Have a blog
  •   Write original content with relevant stories.
  •  Occasional marketing is ok but blog is all about helping.
  • Try to stay relevant with currently industry trends – aka google trends.
  •  Finds what’s hot in your industry and share.
  •  Invite your customers and vendors for interviews.
  • Build relationship with other bloggers.
  • Share your blog content via social media.
  • Write as “guest blogger’ for others.
  • Respond to your blog comments.
  •  Write comments on other blogs.

Stage # 7 – Email Marketing

  • Start asking for email address of your customers.
  • Ask customers to subscribe your newsletter.
  • Offer helpful tips in newsletter.
  • Stay away from marketing in newsletter.
  • Allow customers to unsubscribe.

 Stage # 8 – People like to watch instead of reading aka Video Marketing

  •  90% of all traffic will be video in coming year – as per Cisco.
  • Post regularly updated videos on your site and other video channels on the web.
  • Professional video with nice graphics, backgrounds, audio and picture quality will make you look like a start.
  • Focus on quality rather than quantity.
  • Include interviews, case studies, industry news in your videos.

 Stage # 9 – Make it easy to share content

  • Subscribing to your content should be easy.
  • Via email, or RSS feed is no brainer.
  •  itunes and  youtube are free and easy.
  •   Social media links should be all over the place
  • And most importantly, don’t forget to thank for sharing.

Stage # 10 – Hire a SEO Firm

 There are many little things an SEO company can do to help you rank much better in search engines.  Things like keyword selection and post optimization are no joke.   They can take significant amount of your time.  Have a professional company do this for you.

 Now, once you have implemented all of the above in your website.   Will your website:

  •  Act as your company spokesperson?
  • Act as sales person for your products/services?
  • Answer your client quires and provide extra information?
  • Make you look bigger than you really are?
  • Establish you as a market leader in your area of expertise?
  • Help you convert prospect into a customer?

You may be wondering – if this is the formula than why do most websites is not doing this.  Well, because it easier said or taught than actually done.  Following these steps takes time and investment and requires long term commitment.  It’s like growing a tree; you must have patience and do the right thing even when there are no fruits.  Slow and steady, you will win the race.

 As you can tell by following these 10 steps – your site will be loved by potential visitors and your favorite search engine will be proud to present you as top result.

 So, let me ask you this, “How do you rank # 1 on Google?”

–          Yes, you are right, by doing the right thing. 

Tell me your thoughts on online marketing ? 

Here is a quick basic Video Tutorial of Cisco SPA 504G Phones.   I have covered some of the basic features of this phone and our service like

  • Putting the call on Mute
  • Putting the call on hold
  • Forwarding all call to different number or extension
  • Putting the phone on “Do Not Distrub” Mode
  • Tranfering Calls to different extension or number
  • Going to VoiceMail
  • Going into the Menu of phone
  • Finding IP Address of the phone
  • Resetting the phone

 This video covers the basic features of Cisco SPA 504G Phone

How to Forward All Calls to number or different extension.

You can use this feature when you are leaving the office or simply do not want to take the calls. 

Report of numerous data breach events has created panic in people. Patients are no longer sure whether to trust doctors or the management authority. While HIPAA constituted safety rules against theft of Protected Private Information, no concrete implementation of Violation laws can be cited.  However with reputation at stake, hospitals and other medical care units are trying their best to follow HIPAA measures that has been designed to protect health care sector from external technical raids, interference and data breach incidents.

 HIPAA / Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act focuses on security aspects of using electronic medical reports (for storage and transfer) . For an administrator of a hospital it is impossible to file records in the manual way. Therefore most hospitals have a computing system that can help with remote access, data collection, and maintenance and relocation of important documents and records. To secure such extensive information, HIPAA recommends using security tool-kits. One such tool was recently introuduced by The  National Institute of Standards and Technology.  You can download a free copy of here.

 HIPAA security tool-kits can be applied to both small and large scale business. Such tool-kits contain operation manual in the form of guide book, video etc. security tool kit   helps in thorough risk management. There are numerous HIPAA security tool kits in the market: CPRI kit, NCHIC’s HIPAA overview tool, SEI’s Self risk assessment tool, WEDI’s HIPAA security summit implementation and many more.

 CPRI kit can mitigate daily risks through constant updates on security laws, implementing deploy technology and augmenting patients co-operation. It also caters to issues in Electronic usage; like faxing, mailing, maintaining HCFA internet policy and prevention of internet hacking. Overall such program consolidates disaster recuperation and business expansion plans,

 To properly utilize security tools the first and foremost thing that the management can do is prepare a risk-assessment plan. This way identifying the problems will become easier. Designing appropriate policy and contracts pertaining to the industry (look up HIPAA, FTC, PPI, and HHS laws) is also an important step. security tool-kits are designed to perform such tasks in a calibrating manner.

 To avail HIPAA security tool kit, look up internet and start analyzing. To choose the right application/ tool-kit, you can consult online personnel. Security tool-kits should be able to address all HIPAA concerns. Another alternative is to check with NIST’s (National institute of Standards and Technology) advanced HIPAA toolkit that has been recently launched.

 This one encompasses all basic security issues, like access control, physical security and back-up; disaster-management program, like legal procedures to undergo after a breach event; risk management issues; and both employer and patient’s personnel issues.


Have you ever wonder if long working days make you tired or if it is your desk, chair, computer, or significant other  that is draining your energy?  You take eight hour of sleep, drink lots of water, eat properly and exercise as needed and yet deal with lack of energy and painful joints.  It’s like pain never goes away, no matter what you do.  Pain medication some time give temporary relive but problem revisit within a day or two. You ask yourself, why, what am I missing?  

Next step – A Doctor visit.  After shelling $25 or $50 for co-pay you are told to pick up for some over the counter drug.  In some cases, you may also go for fancy X-Ray or some other test.   Your helpless husband or wife may also take you for deep tissue massage for peaceful hour or two.  But you are finding all your efforts to be fruitless with no long term relief.

During my recent visit to one of my customer, Dr. Jack Thomas, I learned how Chiropractor can become really helpful in such situations.  Jack explained me the concept of “back alignment.”   Initially it sounded like a buzz word but Jack sounded very enthusiastic about his practice and totally believed in this method of alternative medicine.  I wanted to believe Jack as well but little voice in the back of my head was asking, “How can you fix back, shoulder, and head pain by adjusting your spine?” 

Dr Thomas was very accommodating and explained me how misalign joints can cause extra pressure around bones and result in pain.  He quickly pointed at my misaligned back and showed me where I was having pain.  “We will fix this today,” Jack further explained. He was not kidding.   Jack advised me on few changes in habits and recommended a regular visit to Chiropractor.

Treatment started with relaxing 30 minutes massage in professional grade massage chair followed by an alignment of my back and neck.   Whole process took about an hour.  This one hour visit rejuvenated me without taking a weeklong vacation.    I found myself free of pain and ready to go back to work.  

 I was very happy with the treatment I received and quite satisfied by Dr. Jack Thomas advice.  He made me true believer of “back alignment”.   I will surely return for my next visit in coming months. 

You can find Dr Jack Thomas online by visiting his website:  Dr Jack practices in Hayward and sees patients from Monday to Saturday by appointments.   Give him a call today to get your back aligned.  You won’t regret it.