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The world is becoming increasingly competitive and every minute is counted in terms of money. In the present day situation, advertising and marketing are considered the only two mediums that can be economically very draining as well as can result in huge financial gain. Both of these are unanimously regarded worldwide for their high-end productivity and handsome financial returns. No matter how small a business is, marketing proves to be very helpful in increasing the profits of an organization and is capable of producing remarkable results overnight. Marketing indicates a well formulated and detailed planning that is prepared meticulously, and execution of the ideas included in the plan for producing good business. So considering the importance of this aspect it has indeed become the need of the hour to establish the presence of a brand with the help of marketing. There is no better way to enhance customer base, reputation and brand image of a company than by marketing itself. Marketing is a pricey phenomenon and involves huge cost. It becomes very profitable and exciting for an organization if it gets a continual flow of great marketing ideas.

Talking in this context a number of interesting options have been talked about. The following passage throws light on these topics.

  • Ever heard of performance marketing-This can be a great marketing idea, which involves no cost at all. It has started gaining recognition as an important marketing strategy in the growing world of internet marketing. Unlike other forms of promotion, performance marketing is paid only on the basis of its performance. The working of this concept involves creating website for the promotion and sale of products of other companies. Only after that, a complete transaction takes place a performance publisher is being paid. So get started with performance marketing and forget all money worries.
  • The second option gives the choice of associating and offering friendly assistance to a local kid’s apparel and shoes store. This is practically free marketing but is sure to offer profitable results.
  • It is indeed a good idea to build friendly relations with the local gynecologist workers who work at maternity ward and attend patients there. Tell them to inform you the next time when a new baby is born. This is indeed the easiest marketing option and involves no cost at all. Just when a couple of months are over the families of the new born babies can be contacted for offering services which they will need at that time.
  • When the capital or the initial investment for establishing a business is less in amount a few aspects need to be taken into consideration which are- increasing the amount of savings, realizing that the stock of goods is equivalent to money and they cannot be kept idle because unless and until they are sold there will be no profits and lastly comes the ability to enhance savings.
  • Distribution of pamphlets and flyers to local school parents and PTA meetings. This serves to be an effective marketing policy and it is totally free of cost. There are times when the local childcare providers do not have enough seats for accepting new entrants. Parents can contact the organization whose contact number is provided in the leaflets for availing their service.
  • Posting flyers to different Retirement Centers and Assisted Living Centers proves to be a helpful marketing option. The strategy really works because the old people who stays in such establishments helps in building contact with the service providers and their prospective clients. It happens because most of these old people are grandparents of the children whose parents need the service of these organizations. The grandparents can mention the name of the organizations whose contact number is given in the flyers to the parents and can advice them to avail their service for their children. There can be a more effective way if the service provider can prepare an informal presentation at their client’s home to strengthen their reliability and efficiency.
  • Client referral is another important form of marketing that is inexpensive and helps in giving good results. If a person is fully satisfied with a service that he availed, he can suggest the name of that service provider to his friends and relatives. Thus,”Referrals” serves to be the cost effective medium for promoting one’s business or brand.

Are you having trouble bringing visitors to your website? You may need to do some search engine optimization. Search engines may seem random, but all of them follow algorithms that look for specific things on websites. This article will give the tips you need to start improving your site for search engines today.

To quickly optimize a blog for search engines, add an SEO (Posicionamiento Web) plug-in. There are a variety of these sorts of plug-ins available for sites, like WordPress and Blogger. These plug-ins will automatically complete standard search engine optimization tasks for you, allowing you to focus on more in-depth ways of boosting your search engine traffic.

Don’t be afraid to use your keywords more if the language sounds natural. While search engines will penalize your site if it appears you are keyword-stuffing, if you can read your content out loud and it sounds normal and natural, you are unlikely to trip that penalty. Search engines try to remove spam, not sites with many incidences of a single word or phrase.

Use your keywords in the file names of images, javascript files, etc. Giving files a descriptive name is great for many reasons, including for browsers that aren’t going to display the image. Try to include different keywords in the alt tag than you use in the image’s file name. Don’t go too crazy, you don’t want what you’re doing to be obvious or you look shady!

To optimize search engine performance a website should not be designed to rely on JavaScript. While Java is very common and can add lots of functionality to a site, it simply cannot be indexed as effectively as raw HTML. There are also some visitors that will not turn on Java when they visit a site for the first time. A good website remains functional even if JavaScript is disabled.

If you want to make sure your website has high-visibility in search engines, make sure you are using relevant keywords throughout your page. For instance, if your website is about vegan foods, you should use phrases like “healthy vegan recipes” or “meat-less alternatives” throughout your website. That way, people who search these specific keywords will be more likely to see your site.

Spend as much time as you need to fully analyze and understand your key audience. While this might not be the only audience you target in search engine optimization, it is definitely the prime audience and the most tailored to your business. Therefore, you want to be sure that you are optimizing your site specifically to them.

Before you submit your website to search engines by using their free submission pages, make sure that you read their submission guidelines first. Search engines have clear policies about the frequency of your submission. This is to discourage a website owner from resubmitting his website repeatedly, thinking that the more often he submits it, the higher his ranking will be. You want to understand what the rules are so that you will not submit your website too many times.

Search engine optimization may sound too good to be true, but it’s the real deal. All of the tips in this article will help boost your search engine rankings and help more people find your site. Take the time to employ the advice offered here. It won’t take long for you to see some results.

A lot of people that upload videos in many cases are focused on learning “how to get views on you tube” and rightly so.  However, it is more than the video itself being entertaining, although naturally this matters.  People select youtube videos because their thumbnails and titles are utterly irresistible.  So ideally, when uploading to Youtube, find the thumbnail scene on your video at the most attractive part.  

Interaction around your videos is absolutely crucial to youtube.  Youtube values videos which have a great deal of comments, “likes” as well as “dislikes,” because it means there is a lot of interest in the video.  So when you ask in your video for viewers to respond to your “call to action”, like “leave a comment” or whatever, when people do this it is going to benefit your video because youtube will see that it is having interaction and it’ll install it higher up on the youtube search results (which are different from the other search engine results as youtube uses its own internet search engine).

But how to get noticed in the first place by these incomprehensible search engines? Use an incredible and popular keyword.  All this happens when you upload your video, but you need to have done your homework.

For the best results you should be utilising a keyword or search phrase with a large number of monthly searches without a great many other websites competing for that term.  Once you’ve discovered that keyword, you should optimise, optimise and optimise even more.  Optimise your file name, by making use of that keyword to name your movie file.  Then optimise your youtube video with the same keyword as the Title.  Make sure you apply the same search phrase within the description, and anywhere else you can imagine to make use of it.  And definitely, ensure you have mentioned your keyword in the video itself.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with the best secret that we always share when people ask “how to get views on you tube”, and it is: transcripts of the videos.  Have you actually seen those subtitles some youtube videos have when you select the CC button on the lower right corner of the youtube video?  This occurs when the film’s owner uploads a text transcript with the video to youtube.  Youtube appreciates it and search engines love it, especially if your video transcript is peppered with several uses of the search term, a minimum of 3 times in a, say, three minute long video.  Google finds these words and from now on knows what the video is talking about, so transcribing is a very valuable strategy.  From there, if you’ve uploaded a good video, how to get views on youtube is the least of your worries.

Julianne Pearce is a Youtube in Business writer from Christchurch, New Zealand.  Her free email mini-course available on her site, Top Tips for Youtube in Business, has detailed instructions for all of the above. Julianne delights in finding new, different, white-hat methods on how to get views on you tube as well as coming up with new ways for businesses and non-profit organisations to use youtube.

We are living in a society with “short term memory”.  We rarely remember a major event that occurred last year, last month or even last week.   Search engines understand this human nature and process search results based upon complicated algorithm that accounts for the freshness of content.  This new rule has created new challenges for businesses who want to do online marketing.

 Facebook and Twitter, both have proven the power and need of “fresh content”.   Many search engines now display the results from Facebook and Twitter in their search results.   This new trend makes it necessary for companies to feed fresh new content to search engines in order to rank higher.  You can no longer simply display your product catalog and company information to drive traffic to your website.  You must provide relevant fresh content to compete in today struggling business environment.

 What can you feed to search engines?

As stated earlier, fresh and relevant content is what search engines want.   In simple terms, keep adding new things to your websites.   As simple as newly added comments to your webpage can make a difference in rankings.

 Here at Fixtro, we look at online marketing as building a new business.  We start by doing some ground work to understand the need of website audience.   We make a list of problems our client is solving and try to come with scenarios in which a “potential customer” may relate with the company.

 Once we have this information ironed out than its time to start the feeding process.  Our goal is to update the social networks on daily basis and website on weekly basis.  We update the site by adding blog post, questions/answers, forums, audio, video, pictures, web pages, and comments.

 Finding fresh new content is much easier than you think but key problem is someone doing it consistently on weekly basis.  Customers picking our premium online marketing package get an assigned project manager.  Project manager schedules various task on monthly basis for your online marketing.   He ensures weekly video, blog post or press release is done without missing a single deadline.   He changes things around to ensure your site is continuously ranking higher.  

 Here are few examples of things you can do to “feed fresh content” to search engines:

  • New Webpage
  •  New case study
  • New Blog Post
  • New Activity or Event
  •  New Video / Audio
  • New Press Release
  •  Facebook Updates
  •  Twitter Updates

 This fresh content makes your brand stay “relevant” in today’s economy.  No one cares of about a company that is not spoken about.  Pick up the bull horn, make some noise, let the world know that you are here and you are open for business.

 Fixtro can help you stay ahead of completion by helping you with your online marketing needs.   Give us a call today for complimentary consultation.  

Fixtro can help you put your online concerns at ease.  Our engineers can provide great online marketingservices including audio, video, blogs, press, and social networks.    Give us some time to understand your business and we will help you connect with your customers in the “21st” century way – online !

Many of you are probabbly have a website, facebook page or twitter account.   Here is small guide that may help you with your online profiles.




Tired of DISQUS showing comments as “nofollow” ? You don’t have to get rid of DISQUS just because of this.  Here is a simple solution that will convert DisQus comments into “dofollow”.

You simply need to change the comments.php file in your wordpress plug in directory.


Copy this comments.php file and save it somewhere on your computer. (Just in case, you want it for future).

Now, copy the code below and paste in notepad. Save this file as comments.php and upload it to diqus-comment-systems folder.

Comments.php file code ( I got it from (Simply copy the code below and paste in notepad)


 echo "<p><strong>Disqus Debug</strong> thread_id: ".get_post_meta($post->ID, 'dsq_thread_id', true)."</p>";

<div id="disqus_thread">
 <?php if (!get_option('disqus_disable_ssr')): ?>
 // if (is_file(TEMPLATEPATH . '/comments.php')) {
 // include(TEMPLATEPATH . '/comments.php');
 // }
 <div id="dsq-content">
 <ul id="dsq-comments">
 <?php foreach ($comments as $comment) : ?>
 <li id="dsq-comment-<?php echo comment_ID(); ?>">
 <div id="dsq-comment-header-<?php echo comment_ID(); ?>">
 <cite id="dsq-cite-<?php echo comment_ID(); ?>">
 <?php if(get_comment_author_url()) : ?>
 <a id="dsq-author-user-<?php echo comment_ID(); ?>" href="<?php echo get_comment_author_url(); ?>" target="_blank"><?php echo comment_author(); ?></a>
 <?php else : ?>
 <span id="dsq-author-user-<?php echo comment_ID(); ?>"><?php echo comment_author(); ?></span>
 <?php endif; ?>
 <div id="dsq-comment-body-<?php echo comment_ID(); ?>">
 <div id="dsq-comment-message-<?php echo comment_ID(); ?>"><?php echo wp_filter_kses(comment_text()); ?></div>
 <?php endforeach; ?>
 <?php endif; ?>

<a href="">blog comments powered by <span>Disqus</span></a>

<script type="text/javascript">
/* <![CDATA[ */
 var disqus_url = '<?php echo get_permalink(); ?> ';
 var disqus_identifier = '<?php echo dsq_identifier_for_post($post); ?>';
 var disqus_container_id = 'disqus_thread';
 var disqus_domain = '<?php echo DISQUS_DOMAIN; ?>';
 var disqus_shortname = '<?php echo strtolower(get_option('disqus_forum_url')); ?>';
 var disqus_title = <?php echo cf_json_encode(dsq_title_for_post($post)); ?>;
 <?php if (false && get_option('disqus_developer')): ?>
 var disqus_developer = 1;
 <?php endif; ?>
 var disqus_config = function () {
     var config = this; // Access to the config object

        All currently supported events:
         * preData — fires just before we request for initial data
         * preInit - fires after we get initial data but before we load any dependencies
         * onInit  - fires when all dependencies are resolved but before dtpl template is rendered
         * afterRender - fires when template is rendered but before we show it
         * onReady - everything is done

 config.callbacks.preData.push(function() {
 // clear out the container (its filled for SEO/legacy purposes)
 document.getElementById(disqus_container_id).innerHTML = '';
 <?php if (!get_option('disqus_manual_sync')): ?>
 config.callbacks.onReady.push(function() {
 // sync comments in the background so we don't block the page
 DISQUS.request.get('?cf_action=sync_comments&post_id=<?php echo $post->ID; ?>');
 <?php endif; ?>
 $sso = dsq_sso();
 if ($sso) {
     foreach ($sso as $k=>$v) {
         echo "{$k} = '{$v}';\n";
 var facebookXdReceiverPath = '<?php echo DSQ_PLUGIN_URL . '/xd_receiver.htm' ?>';
/* ]]> */

<script type="text/javascript">
/* <![CDATA[ */
 var DsqLocal = {
 'trackbacks': [
 $count = 0;
 foreach ($comments as $comment) {
 $comment_type = get_comment_type();
 if ( $comment_type != 'comment' ) {
 if( $count ) { echo ','; }
 'author_name': <?php echo cf_json_encode(get_comment_author()); ?>,
 'author_url': <?php echo cf_json_encode(get_comment_author_url()); ?>,
 'date': <?php echo cf_json_encode(get_comment_date('m/d/Y h:i A')); ?>,
 'excerpt': <?php echo cf_json_encode(str_replace(array("\r\n", "\n", "\r"), '<br />', get_comment_excerpt())); ?>,
 'type': <?php echo cf_json_encode($comment_type); ?>
 'trackback_url': <?php echo cf_json_encode(get_trackback_url()); ?>
/* ]]> */

<script type="text/javascript">
/* <![CDATA[ */
(function() {
 var dsq = document.createElement('script'); dsq.type = 'text/javascript';
 dsq.async = true;
 dsq.src = 'http://' + disqus_shortname + '.' + disqus_domain + '/embed.js?pname=wordpress&pver=<?php echo DISQUS_VERSION; ?>';
 (document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0] || document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]).appendChild(dsq);
/* ]]> */

And you are all set, you just made your blog a dofollow blog.  Leave a comment here to check, like I mentioned earlier, my disqus comment system is dofollow.

Try it on your blog and let me know how it goes.




Step# 1:  Clearly Indentify What Page You Would Like  To Grow.  

This is very important because you want to link to similar  content.  Linking randomly to some random  content will confuse customer and presents almost no value to user.  Pick a page or two and focus on those pages  as a separate campaign.  This will also  help you track results.

Step #2:  Find 10 Blogs with Similar Content

If your page is about “Saving Taxes” than you should find  blogs which are related to accounting, finance or taxes.   This is where you can get picky.  You need just pick 10 blogs.  So, become as picky as you want.   You can select based upon quality of content,  author writing style, Google ranking or any other factor you pick.

I like to pick blogs where authors are actively involved  with the community.   In other words, I check to make sure author of  blog has actively responded to comments on his blog.   I check to see if the content of this  prospective blog can provide extra value to my customers and vice versa.   I also check the page rank of the blog.  And last but not the least, I make sure blog  do not use “no follow” attribute for blog comments.   “No follow” kills the very purpose of me
being at that blog in the first place.

These things are easier said than done.  You will probably start with list of 100 and  if you are lucky you will end up with 10 good blogs.

Step # 3: Build  Relationship for Next 30 Days

Chances are this cream of the crop blog gets hundreds of  comments on daily basis.    You need to consistently follow these 10  blogs on regular basis.  You don’t have  to follow them on daily basis but two to three times a week would be really  good.   Your goal is to “build relationship”  with the author.  Ask yourself: How can I  get blog author attention? Or can you argue the point author is making or add  value to the content?

You want author to notice you.  This won’t happen overnight but your  commitment to 30 day plan will help you get there.   Simply remember, for next 30 days you are  there to help the blog author start a conversation.

While you are commenting and adding value to the blog, you  are also adding link to your website but these are links are not that  important.  So, do not lose the big  picture.  You are there to help the “blog  author”.

Step # 4: Personally Introduce Your Self to The Blog Author

By now, you would have made an impression and earned enough  brownie points to contact the blog author.  If you do not have bloggers contact info than simply ask for it in comments.  In last thirty days, you should have learned  the blogger topics, writing style, and point of view.  Use this knowledge to your advantage and ask  to see if he can be a guest blogger on your site.   Don’t forget to return the favor by offering  the same.

Step # 5: Find More  and More Ways To Strengthen This Relationship

Don’t stop at commenting at their blog post. Share content  on facebook and twitter.  Send emails,
make phone calls, or connect with new Google plus.

These 10 new friends will return the favor and spread the  word about your website.  Collective focused  efforts always produce sustentative results.
Your focus on these ten bloggers  will give you 100 times more visitors for free.

Want to start with me?

Here are few things you can do:

  •  Post comment on this blog post
  •  Tweet it to your friends
  •  Like us on facebook
  • Subscribe to our newsletters.

Are you ready for 30 day challenge?  I am, I will be picking up my 10 blogs in day
or two and follow these directions for next 30 days.  I will post  my results next month. Stay Tuned.






QR codes stand for Quick Response Codes.   These are used by consumers who want immediate access to relevant information. QR codes look very similar to barcodes you might have seen on the back of retail products.   QR codes are two dimensional vs. regular bar codes are one dimensional codes.  QR codes can hold lots more information compared to regular bar codes.

QR codes can link to any kind of digital content on the web.  You can also use QR codes to activate instant message, video, or email.  Consumer simply scan the QR code using their iPhone, BlackBerry, Android or other smart phone, and it automatically links the customer to business.   Consumers can make a purchase, request information, or get directions by simply scanning the code.

Image you are at the airport reading a magazine while waiting for your plane. In the magazine, you see a small advertisement offering “Free Cup Cake With Cup of Coffee – Scan here to order now”.    One simple scan and you got yourself a free cup cake and saved time waiting & ordering your coffee.   This is the power of QR codes.  They can be used in very little space and customers can access detailed information with just simple scan.

You can display QR codes on products, marketing material and  business cards or anything else you can think of.  

It’s about time that you think about Mobile Marketing and QR codes.  More and More consumers are searching on their mobile phone.  They want your business info while on the go.  
Let me know if you have used these QR codes. If not try QR codes when ever you see one and see how it save your money or time.

You worked very hard in school for last 5 years and just passed your CPA exam.  You are thinking about starting your own business practice but you would like to get some ideas about branding your new business. Well, let me see if I can help you little bit.

You have two options when it comes down to branding.  A.) You want to brand yourself (aka Mr. Smart Accountant, CPA) or B.) You want a unique new brand name (aka Best Hayward Accounting Firm).   Picking option A usually sounds very attractive to start up one man shops but businesses with owner name as brand are very hard to resell.  This is simply because new prospective owner do not want your name as their brand.   So, decide in advance if you would like to resell your business or not.

In my opinion, you are done with the hard part.  Everything else should be decided based upon your customer’s opinion.   Logical next step is getting a logo for your name.   But before you get a logo, you must clarify, what is it that your brand should represent? What unique value will you be giving to your customers? What is it that you want to be known for?  Your logo shouldn’t be just your name.  It should simply represent the solution to that ultimate problem you are solving for your customer.

At this stage, you will also need to pick a color scheme. Color scheme will used in all of your literatures, website, dress code, posters or any other marketing material you will every produce.   You must get this color combination correct.   Don’t worry; you do not have to guess.   Your friends, family members and even the unknown strangers can help you with this task.  Once you have your logo designed, have the graphic designer give you the logo in various color combination.  Print them and ask your friend network for their vote.   You can email it to them, post them on social media or show them on paper.  Try to collect at least 200 votes before picking the color combination.   There are hundreds of forums online that provide free reviews to logo, graphic design, websites and blog post.  Post your logo their and ask them for their opinion.   This will make it very clear as to what will appeal to your potential customer.   

Now it’s time to build a good looking website. Do not settle for cheap looking site that bring almost no value to your customer.  My concern is that your website represents your brand.   People often judge the size and value of the company by their website.  You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on website.  You can even start with one page site but it must look professional.  

Get a basic brochure.  Brochure that is simple to understand but attractive enough to make your customer pick it up and read.   Small description of product or services you offer and why they should purchase it from you.

These three simple things (Logo, Website and Brochure) can get you started with building your brand.  Please share your thoughts about how you started your branding. What worked and what didn’t work you.   Your experience can help someone else avoid some major pitfalls.

The success secret of any business is selling more. To put it simple, whether it is a computer software or simple handkerchief you produce, the sales should peak for you to get more profit. How do you increase sales? You can do it by letting know as many people as possible about your quality product and convincing them to buy it. It is simply known as Advertising in one word. Now comes the question how to advertise and where to advertise? Advertise your product in the place with maximum exposure. Be it a banner in the middle of the road or the top of a huge building, the place where more people can see your ad is the best place to post it.

Transfer the same logic to virtual media. There are no huge buildings in internet. But there are numerous visitors. Once you place your ad in the website which has maximum number of visitors, the chance for your sales increases automatically. This is where social media or social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook come into place. They are like road junctions in the internet. Nearly every one I know have an account in either Facebook or Twitter. Even if they don’t visit other websites regularly, they login to check their messages received in the social networking sites quite often. You can ask your friends and family members if they are on one of these socail media sites. Once you place your business ads in a social network site, the chances for people to see your advertisement doubles or triples automatically.

According to Google, the most browsed site in the world currently is Facebook. Even the Google search engine comes behind the Facebook site. Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn and many other social media have very high and regular visitor list. Viewership being one major aspect, communication is a great way to enhance your business and social networking sites are the best way to do it. Imagine you have a boutique in Hayward, CA. If you promote it through social networking sites, so many people will interact with you directly. You can study the pulse of the customer in a much better way through the interactions in social networking sites.

That’s the reason so many major companies like Dunkin Donuts and BMW have their own dedicated places in the social media. They maintain a personal relationship with the customer through the social media, serve them better and make the customer come back to them again and again. Since they know what the customers want exactly, they are able to produce better products and get higher profits. Tweeting, using Facebook, E-mail marketing, video marketing everything is done to improve the sales at the end of the day. Social Media turns out to be one obligatory place for marketing for those who yearn to get more profits.

I will be writing a series of articles about how to grow  business using social media.  Check us out next week to learn step by step guide about how to grow your business using social media.