Want T1 Line Connection or Cable Internet ?


Fixtro offers complete line of Internet Solutions for small businesses. You can take business connection speeds to the next level with a  dedicated T1 line from industry leading provider.  We work with all major T1 line carriers including Megapath, XO, Level 3 and other.  You can get T1 line for as little as $199.99 per month.  Learn

Business Benefits of a Dedicated T1 Line compared Cable or DSL connection:

  • Guaranteed upload and download speed of 1.5 mbps.  
  • You can run both voice and data on same T1 line reducing overall cost.
  • Your personal dedicated connection with little to no downtime
  • A constant connection to nationwide network

T1 line can be combine to provide more bandwidth.  With nation side service provider, Fixtro can help secure T1 line anywhere. Learn more

Give us a call at 510-709-4030  to get free T1 or T3 quote for your building.


Want blazing fast speed ? Consider Comcast Internet !

 Comcast provides one of the fastest internet connection around San Francisco.  Comcast foot print is limited and service is not available in all areas.  Fixtro can do a basic check to see the availabilty of coverage in your area or request a site survey to ensure you can get proper service.  Comcast offers great bandwidth for the price.   Learn more about Comcast Internet service.