Managed IT Support for Small Businesses

Fixtro provides personalized remote  and on site network IT support services for small businesses.  Our IT Support engineers work 24 x7 x365 to provide you with the best service possible.   It’s like having a group of engineers (Apple, Windows, Linux) working around the clock  to support your business in San Francisco Bay Area. Our comprehensive managed support plans cover major software applications, servers, printers, routers, switches, firewalls, security appliance,  modems, hardware devices, printers and much more. You will find our engineer friendly and easy to work with.  We will monitor, update and tune your network on regular basis for best performance.   Many our clients looking for SanFrancisco IT consulting end up becoming our monthly client.  ….Learn More

Managed Desktop Support for Small Businesses

Our certified managed support engineers can help your office staff with all their desktop problems and assist your remote staff with their remote technical issues.  We provide around the clock troubleshooting of all desktop problems and support all flavors including Linux,Apple and Windows.  Our network engineers are available to help you with your network problems.   Our monthly managed desktop support program can save thousands of dollars in payroll and provide your employees with timely IT support.   …. Learn More

Managed Server Support for Small Businesses

Fixtro’s Managed Server Support enable you to place your mission critical IT operations under the management of experienced specialists so that you can focus on doing what you do best, running your business . We provide on-site and remote support for all kinds of servers including Windows, Linux and Apple.  We can support your onsite server and manage your hosted servers. Your company will benefit from increased operational efficiency, lower costs, and reduced exposure to IT risk.  Talk to one of our IT Managers to learn how we can help you reduce cost and improve your IT functionality.   Our low flat rate monthly pricing will help you save thousands of your payroll cost. …. Learn More.


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