Data Back Up For Small Business

Easy, Fast and Secure Data Back Up Solution is here. Simply sign up for monthly or yearly plan data back up plan and your data back problem is solved. Your selected files, folders or drives will automatically back up in cloud on daily, hourly, weekly or monthly basis (interval can be selected by user).

 You can download files to any computer at any time or simply access them online. Its like have your own personal drive at all times. You can learn more about our data back up services here. Fixtro also design online back for small and medium size businesses. We provide customized solutions for backing up servers, applications and other important data files.


Data Back For Personal Use

Storage Space Monthly Rate Yearly Rate
150 GB $4.95 $49.50

  Family Pack  – Up to 5 Computers                              

Storage Space Monthly Rate Yearly Rate
500 GB $14.95 $149.50

   Business  – You can back up all your desktop

Storage Space Monthly Rate Yearly Rate
50 GB $9.95 $99.50
100 GB $19.95 $199.50
500 GB $49.95 $499.50
1000 GB $79.95 $799.50

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