Get 24×7 Remote IT Support Today:

Fixtro provides professional remote IT support services for consumers and small businesses.   Our remote IT support center is open 24/7/365 for all of you IT support needs.  With the use of advance technology,  we can remotly monitor your systems and provide real time help when you need it the most.   With our proactivtive maintainace and live support, you can siginificently reduce the down time and improve your bottom line.

What kind of technology we support remotly 24×7?

We have Windows, Linux, Apple, Network, Security and Database engineers on staff specialized in their own specific fields.  Its like having a full team of computer network experts on your staff.   We are familer with your network system and applications.

We support huge range of technologies including:
  •  Windows 2000/2003/SBS 2003/SBS 2008/SBS 2011 & 2008
  • Server Active Directory and Exchange Server 2003/2007 and 2010
  • Database server, user management and firewall 
  • File Sharing Server, Printer Server, and Group Policy
  • Internet Information Services  (IIS), DHCP, DNS
  • Rights Management, Terminal Server, Sharepoint services
  • Virtual Private Network , Remote Support Services
  • Cloud server, onsite server, web application server
  • Windows Desktop Support including Virus/Malware Removal
  • Linux desktop and server support
  • Apple desktop and server support
  • website and application support

What kind of Remote IT Support do you need ?  


 Call us  today at 1-510-709-4030 for instant support or account set up.

Fixtro provides 24/7 technical support to companies on the phone and via remote access and on-site.