Network Security Support Consultation



Network Security Support:   Our certified engineers are ready to put your network security concerns at ease.  We are storing more data on our computer than our filing cabinets. Therefore, network security is crucial for small and large businesses alike.   Good news is that you can implement a good security solution for lot less than you think.

Gateway Security Solution: Security threat is very real for all businesses and therefore we recommend a strong security appliance as a gateway for all businesses. Appliance should provide strong firewall and traffic filtering to protect your infrastructure. We can help you decide what security appliance can provide adequate protection for your needs. We can remotely configure, monitor and manage the security appliance for you.

Desktop Security Solution: Most small businesses use their computer, laptops and tablets on daily basis. It is very critical to protect these devices from virus, malwares, Trojans, and other malicious code that can be easily downloaded in to the computer and puts all your data at risk. We often find businesses storing most of their data on their main computer and all their applications are usually installed on the same computer as well.  This can be a big mistake. Call us today at 510-709-4030 to see how you can reduce your exposure to these threats.

Device Monitoring Solution: As your business grows, it becomes harder to manage hundreds of switches, routers, ASA, firewalls, Unified Communication devices and other network infrastructure. We provide cost effective device monitoring and management service that can help you reduce cost. We can also check to ensure that all the security settings are properly set up on each device.

Wireless Security Solution: More and more businesses are starting to rely on wireless for their daily operations. But most of them are doing so without proper security. We find small businesses are allowing customers and consultants to work on same network as their corporate infrastructure. This is a huge security concern. Give us a call today to see how you can make your wireless architecture more secure.

Security Policy: Fixtro can help your businesses design a working security policy that can help you achieve your security goals. We recommend, all businesses, no matter how small or big, should have a security policy in place. This will act as a guideline to keep your employees, your customers and your business safe. Give us a call today to schedule a free one hour consultation to learn more about security policy and security solutions Fixtro can offer.

VPN Solutions: Connecting to your network from anywhere is crucial but you must do so in a secure manner. Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the most affordable way to do. However, VPN comes in many flavors and Fixtro is here to help you pick the right one.  We can also help you connect multiple offices via VPN and/or MPLS network.