Security Consultation

 Fixtro provides security consultation to small businesses. We can help your protect your data from intruders around the world while helping your access your network from any internet connection.

 Fixtro give vendor neutral advice based upon our and our clients personal experience.  Security solution of each business should be unique.  Give us a call at 510-709-4030 to schedule a free network assessment to learn more about security options and how Fixtro can help you make your network more secure.

 We offer solutions from many vendors and work with in your budget.   There are many security features that are inbuilt into your computers, laptops and routers but may be need to turned on or fine tuned to provide maximum protection.  We can further explore the possibility of dividing the network into various groups to isolate departments and reduce the risk.

 Our cost effective approach help you improve security over time.   We implement solutions in a modular fashion so that you get the most security for the dollar you are spending.  

 We provide security solution for:

  •    Healthcare Professionals
  •    Finance Professionals.
  •    Law Professionals.
  •    Hospitality Industry
  •    And other small business owners.

 Give us a call to learn more about your security option. Learn how you can:

  •    Protect your network.
  •    Protect your desktop and computers.
  •    Deal with laptop or desktop theft.
  •    Dispose your computer and networking gears.
  •    Reduce risk associated with social media
  •    Safely access your emails and network.
  •    Secure your wireless network
  •    Provide guest wireless network
  •    Secure your ip phone system.

 You will be surprise to learn how simple changes can significantly improve the security of your network.   We discuss such security tips via our blog, email newsletter and we also cover them during in person visit for our managed service clients.  Please do invite us during next meeting for free “security awareness” presentation.  We will cover simple tips that can make your network more secure.   This training is completely complimentary to all organizations.   Simply give us a call and invite us to your next meeting.