Secured Wireless Network

Having a wireless network in company is no longer optional.  Employees want access to internet via phones, tablets, notebooks, laptops and other wireless devices.   Wireless provides freedom for those who are always on the move.   However, unsecured wireless network can often create security holes that can cause great deal of damage.

Here are some of the things you should address in your wireless network:

  • Are you protected against un-authorized access point?
  • What kind of encryption is being used?
  • Are you tracking the wireless network and users?
  • What resources can be assed via wireless network?

In many case, we find that user can access almost all resources via wireless network.  This should be very big concern for all businesses with sensitive data.  Wireless access should be properly segmented to limit the exposure of security breach.

Fixtro can help you improve your wireless network while making it safe.  Give us a call to learn more about the risk and benefits of wireless network.

Guest Wireless Network

Wireless network is also a big need for your guest and consultants at your site.   Your visitors will surely appreciate the courtesy of guest wireless network.

Before providing your guest with wireless network access you must consider the following:

  • Is guest network separated internal network?
  • Is bandwidth being controlled on guest wireless network?
  • Are guest agreeing to terms and conditions of using your network?

Providing unlimited access to your guest is huge security risk and also slows your network down. Let Fixtro help you design a solid guest network that will make your guest happy while improving the security of your network.