We Provide Demarc Extension Services:

Demarcation point is where service provider responsibilty ends and client responsibilty begins. Demarcation point of each building is decided by the engineers during the building construction. This where the T1/T3 Service Providers leaves the cable that needs to be connected to your router.

In most cases, this demarcation point is located in certain suite of the building or in seprate location. Customer is responsible for extending cable from this demarcation point to their suite. Fixtro can help you with this. We can extend the cable to your suite from the demarcation point. Give us a call to learn more about our demarc extension services.

 Can Service Provider install the cable for me ?

In most cases, service providers do not want to take this additional work. Some service providers may provide this service for additional cost.

What consist of extending demarcation point ?

  • Setting up a smart jack at the demarcation point.
  • Extending cable from smart jack to customer suite.
  • Installing another smart jack at customer suite.

How much does it cost to extend the cable ?

Cost of running cable from demarcation point to your suite will depend on many factors. Length of cable needed is usually the prime factor. Single story buildings needing less than 250 feet of cable usually cost less than $500.00

Do you provide free estimates ?

Yes, we do provide free estimates. You can simple send us pictures to get quick quote or we can set up an appointment to visit your site. Give us a call at 510-709-4030 to set up an appointment.