Have you tried using the Dentrix Screen Capture tool ?  



This tool is very similar to “Print Screen Button” available on most standard keyboards.   You may find this button coupled with other button.  On my keyboard I can see the “insert/print screen” button in the top row of my keyboard, next to f12.  Pressing this button (in some machines you may have to press function key + print screen button) will copy the entire screen (everything you see on your current monitor screen). Now you can simply paste the screen in email or in word document.  You can also open image editing program like “paint” and edit the image after pasting it.   This tool is really cool for saving the screen shots.

Now, lets get back to Dentrix.  Yes, you can use the print screen button if you want to capture an error or problem that you may later want to show to your IT Manager (hopefully that is one of us).  However, what if you want to save that data in your patient record ???

This is where Dentrix Screen Capture Tool can be really helpful.  Here is how you can access this tool:

Please open up the Dentrix Document Center. You can click on file and select the document center.

1. From the Document Center toolbar, select Acquire > Screen Capture.
2. From the Screen Capture dialog box, select  Start Capture. The mouse icon changes from an arrow to a cross-hair icon.
3. Click and drag over the area of the screen you  want to import into the Document Center. When you release the mouse, the image is automatically stored in the patient’s Document Center

You can use this really cool Dentrix Screen Capture tool to save any image on your computer screen,  including graphics, images from third-party software, X-rays, perio charts, and Web pages. These images can be stored directly in a patient’s Document Center.