Setting up remote desktop on your server can allow you to control your server from other PC’s connected with your network.  This can save you a trip to your wiring closet.   Setting up remote desktop on windows server 2008 is fairly easy process.  Should take you less than 5 minutes.

Step # 1

Go to Windows Server 2008. Yes, you do need to walk over to your windows server 2008 and log in.

Step # 2

Click on your start menu and type “Remote Desktop” in the search field.

Now select, Allow Remote Access to your computer.


Step # 3

Once you select “allow remote access” – you will get a properties window.

Simply select the 3rd option (Allow connections only from computers running …..)

Remote access to your windows server 2008 is all set.  Now you can log into your windows server 2008 from other computers on your network.   Also, please make a note of your server name.  You will need it while connecting with the server from other computers.


How to find your “server name” ?

Right click on computer (in start menu) and click on properties.  You will get a window with your computer name and other information.