A lot of people that upload videos in many cases are focused on learning “how to get views on you tube” and rightly so.  However, it is more than the video itself being entertaining, although naturally this matters.  People select youtube videos because their thumbnails and titles are utterly irresistible.  So ideally, when uploading to Youtube, find the thumbnail scene on your video at the most attractive part.  

Interaction around your videos is absolutely crucial to youtube.  Youtube values videos which have a great deal of comments, “likes” as well as “dislikes,” because it means there is a lot of interest in the video.  So when you ask in your video for viewers to respond to your “call to action”, like “leave a comment” or whatever, when people do this it is going to benefit your video because youtube will see that it is having interaction and it’ll install it higher up on the youtube search results (which are different from the other search engine results as youtube uses its own internet search engine).

But how to get noticed in the first place by these incomprehensible search engines? Use an incredible and popular keyword.  All this happens when you upload your video, but you need to have done your homework.

For the best results you should be utilising a keyword or search phrase with a large number of monthly searches without a great many other websites competing for that term.  Once you’ve discovered that keyword, you should optimise, optimise and optimise even more.  Optimise your file name, by making use of that keyword to name your movie file.  Then optimise your youtube video with the same keyword as the Title.  Make sure you apply the same search phrase within the description, and anywhere else you can imagine to make use of it.  And definitely, ensure you have mentioned your keyword in the video itself.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with the best secret that we always share when people ask “how to get views on you tube”, and it is: transcripts of the videos.  Have you actually seen those subtitles some youtube videos have when you select the CC button on the lower right corner of the youtube video?  This occurs when the film’s owner uploads a text transcript with the video to youtube.  Youtube appreciates it and search engines love it, especially if your video transcript is peppered with several uses of the search term, a minimum of 3 times in a, say, three minute long video.  Google finds these words and from now on knows what the video is talking about, so transcribing is a very valuable strategy.  From there, if you’ve uploaded a good video, how to get views on youtube is the least of your worries.

Julianne Pearce is a Youtube in Business writer from Christchurch, New Zealand.  Her free email mini-course available on her site, Top Tips for Youtube in Business, has detailed instructions for all of the above. Julianne delights in finding new, different, white-hat methods on how to get views on you tube as well as coming up with new ways for businesses and non-profit organisations to use youtube.

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