Small Business Marketing Planting Seed

During next seven weeks, I will help you come up with a must have “Basic Marketing Plan”.  This plan is for those who are struggling with their current plan or have no plan in place.  Ideas are powerful, simple to implement, and result oriented. 

Here is the agenda for next seven weeks covering my seven step guide.

  1. Seeds vs Leads
  2. Opportunity vs Actionable Opportunity
  3. Action vs Close
  4. Close vs Sale
  5. Sale vs Customer
  6. Customer vs Friend
  7. Friend vs New Seed

Seeds vs Leads – Week 1

Leads are often categorized as hot or cold.  Hot leads are those where customer has an immediate need or expressed an interest in your product or service.  Most advertising campaigns are primarily focused on producing leads.   Leads are usually very expensive and require good amount of budget.  In many cases, buying leads is simply not a solution for small business owner.

Cheaper alternative is to plant seeds.  No, I don’t want you to run to Lowes or Home Depot and buy seeds.    I am referring to a thought you plant in prospective buyer who may have a need for your product or service in future.   Planting seed is cheaper however requires careful planning and nurturing. 

Number one item on your marketing plan should be planning, planting, and nurturing seeds.  Take out your calendar and scratch paper.  Start with a goal on in mind.  How many seeds would you like to plant per month, per week and per day? Make a list of things you are currently doing to plant a seed and how many seeds are you truly planting.   What else you can do to plant more seeds? Perhaps call a special meeting to brainstorm the idea of planting seeds.

Here are few simple ideas to plant seeds today:

  •  Your Business Card – Write a personalize note on your card before passing it on.
  •  Network With People – Attend one networking event per week and get to know people.
  •  Message On Hold – Give message on your phone while customer is holding.
  •  Partnership– Partner up with other local business who have similar client base.
  • Giveaways – Anything that may remind customers of you.
  •  Contest – Relate to something your customer may actually like participating.
  •  Charity – Ask your customer if you could donate to their favorite charity.  Amount is irrelevant.
  •  Sponsor a Blog – Ask your customer what blog do they read and sponsor a post every now and then.
  •  Webinars – Share your wisdom online by holding live webinars. Allow people participate and ask questions.

Idea is to forget sales number and focus on number of seeds being planted each day.  Next step is to design a nurturing plan for that seed.  Without nurturing new seed is almost worthless. Carefully think about information you can provide that will enhance the chance of converting your seeds into leads.

For example, Law Firm specializing in Bankruptcy may send series of letters and emails to prospective future customers explaining one piece of process at a time.   In this case letters are sent on weekly basis followed by phone call every 60 days.   On the other hand, financial consultant may divide seeds into high, moderate or low risk categories.   Letters or email should be sent based upon risk tolerance.  Material in email and letters should be fresh reflecting current market condition.

Here are some Seed Nurturing Ideas:

  •   Write a Blog post.
  •   Post a video or audio.
  •   Share a case study/success story
  •   Send Informative Email and/or Letter.
  •   Follow with phone calls or personalized letter.
  •   Stay connected on facebook, twitter or Linkedin.
  •   Consistently follow your plan.

I am available to share my ideas personally with you. Feel free to contact me at 510-709-4030.  I will be happy to meet with you In person, send you sample marketing plan or help you come up with you own customized marketing plan.

Want Some Homework?

  1. Pick your “Seed Planting” Goal
  2.  Come Up 10 Ways To Plant Seeds
  3.  Come Up with  Seed Nurturing Plan
  4. Track Your Results

 Please do share your thoughts.  Share your ideas about planting new seeds and how nurture a new seed.  Tell us your experience and what kind of results did you achieve.