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Delete Temp Files

 Your system has temp files stored in many places.  Deleting these files can improve the performance of your system.  One such tool is “CClenaer“.  You can simply download and run this tool. It will delete the temp files and cookies.  You can also upgrade the software for more features.

 Defrag Your Hard Drive:

 You can automate the defragmentation of your PC.  Disk deframenter in windows runs on a schedule but you can also do this manually by clicking on Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools and than Disk Deframenter. 
This simple process can make your computer faster.  Disk Deframenter fixes the fragmentend data and allows your hard disk to work more efficiently.

 Un-Install Programs:

 All programs use memory, hard disk and other computer resources.  When programs are running, they share whatever resources your computer have available.  You can increase these resources by deleting any unused or unwanted programs.   Computers off the shelves comes with my pre-install software that you may not want. You should indentify these programs and uninstall them.  You can do this by going to control panel and uninstall program.

 Clean Up Start Up Programs:

 Make sure you do not have any programs running in background.  You should check to see if any program is automatically starting during start up of your PC.  You can remove such programs by going to start and selecting all programs. Right click on start up folder and than click on open or explore.   You can add or delete any program you would like to be in start up folder.

Run a Good Anti-Virus Security Program:

 Good anti virus product checks for all kinds of malicious activity.  You can even download free version of AVG, Malwarebytes or many others on the market.  You should run these kind of anti-virus programs atleast once a week.