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Cash-In Your Old Computer : Cashing in your old computer is lot more easier than you think.   Most computer stores pay cash or give store credit for old computers.   For example, you can bring your old computer to Fixtro and collect cash for all working units.   You can also collect top dollars for old computer online.  There are many website, like gazelle  or laptopintocash, which offer money for your old computer and provide free shipping.    You can also sell your old computer on auction websites like or    You may also consider posting a classified ad in local classified paper like pennysaver or online classified like craigslist.

Donate Your Old Computer:  You can help your local charities by donating your old computers.   You can also donate your computer to local school, community college, church or any other institution that may use your old computer.    There should no problem finding someone who can use your old computer. 

You can also donate money by cashing in your old computer.    Businesses can sell their old computer inventory to Fixtro and get a check written to the charity of their choice.     

Donating your computer this way can also save them money.  Most companies will be happy to remove your old computer inventory at no charge.  Fixtro provides this service for free to all local bay area customers a well.

Re-Cycle Your Old Computer:  No, Recycle does not mean dumping your old computer in creek or dumpster.  You can safely and responsibly recycle your computer at many electronic recycling centers.    Most repair centers, electronic retailers and other stores also offer free recycling of electronic goods.   

You should also check with your computer manufacture to see if they offer any kind of recycling program.  Most manufacture offer special discounts and other incentives if you recycle threw them.  Almost all major brands including HP, Dell, IBM, and Apple offer similar recycling programs.

Upgrade Your Old Computer:  Upgrading your old computer is easier than ever.  You may be able to bring your old computer up to speed by simply adding more memory or hard-disk.   In many case, you may only need to tune up your old pc or remove some malwares.   You can even make your computer look brand name by replacing outside casing.   New upgrade computer will also make a great gift.

Tell us how you got rid of your old computer or share your thoughts about computer recycling.