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Practice Fusion, robust free EMR community, recently announced 400 percent year over year growth in 2011.  According to their recent press release, over 130,000 medical professionals serving more than 28 million patients are currently using company’s free, web-based EMR system.

Practice Fusion offers complete solution integrating scheduling, charting, e-prescribing, lab integrations and referral letters for providers in small to medium practices.   It is no wonder that more physicians can now easily earn meaningful user incentive of up to $64,000 over the next few years.

 This would be good time to call Fixtro to set up a complimentary appointment to discuss your EMR/HER need.   We can help your understand Practice Fusion in more details and get you up and running in no time.

 Here are some great reasons to consider Practice Fusion:

 # 1 – It’s Free – Why pay for something you get for free.  No monthly fee at all.  Since you are not paying, you can cancel it anytime.  There is no contract and no money involved.

 # 2- Earn $44,000 – Take advantage of govt funding by showing the meaningful use of qualified HER system.  Did I mention – Practice Fusion is a Qualified EHR system.

 # 3 – No Server Needed – Guess what,  This Free EMR system is web based product.  You simply need an internet access and computer.  No server and no gadget is needed.

 #4 – Simplicity – Unlike other vendors, Practice Fusion is relatively straight forward. In most cases, you don’t need a consultant to get started. But consultant can help you put your concerns at ease and help you with training and set up.

 #5 – Security– You gets to keep your data safe and secure.  Practice Fusion use state of the art security and allows you to download your data anytime you wish.

 # 6 – Training – How about some free online training? You can start learning your new EMR system today. Simply log on to Independent consultants like Fixtro are also locally available to help you get the most out of your EMR system.

 #7 – Community – You are not alone!  You will access to hundreds of templates created by others to make life easier.  You can ask question, seek advice or promote concern – all online 24/7.

 #8 – Data Imports – You can easily import your excel sheets into system.  We can also help you import data from your other legacy system.

 #9 – Free Upgrades – We get to take advantage of new features and products every week.  And it’s all free.

 #10 – Quick start Up – You can get up and running today. Just call Fixtro at 510-709-4030 or visit


EHR stands for electronic health record, (also known as electronic patient record) and it is an organized collection of health information of patients/group of patients. Comprehensive summaries of health issues are kept in records for time-to-time access by patients and health care providers and such information includes medical history, age weight, radiological images, billing information etc.

 Benefits of EHR:

 1. Sometimes faulty diagnosis leads to major health problems. With EHR such errors can easily be minimized.

2. EHR helps a healthcare provider to have fast access to medical literature and current best practices in medicine; this helps him/her in critical decision making process.

 3. EHR helps to automate day to day processes thus reducing administrative cost and hassle which can then be used for patient care.

 4. Clinical research scopes have been multiplied by the EHR’s presence. It provides huge data that can be utilized by the professionals to further their knowledge.


Disadvantages of EHR:

 Among the significant disadvantages of EHR is the fact that its usage often results in short term decrease in productivity of the doctor as he spends much time trying to learn the nuances of the new system and the techniques of entering as well as storing his data. Apart from that EHR has a steep price tag and that some time deters medical practitioners from using it.

 Nonetheless despite the disadvantages EHR use seem to be on rise among medical professionals as tech vendors offer them products which are moderately priced and easy to use.

 An interesting fact to note is that with enhanced use of EHR, the use of PHR or personal health records is also on an upward growth curve. Even sometime back non availability of electronic medical data from doctors, a tedious setup processes as well as the static nature of personal health records (PHRs) had resulted in the unpopularity of the product. With ready availability of electronic data now PHR use seems to be on rise.

 PHR or Personal Healthcare Record is a highly effective way to keep health records, which can inform and educate the patients about their current health status, medical histories thus guiding the course of their treatment. Having such a comprehensive record makes diagnosis and treatment much easier.

 Unfortunately, however, customers keen on PHR are often provided with compartmentalized offerings –for instance a PHR of an insurance company might have all claim details but not clinical details as lab data which might be needed for diagnosis of a particular patient condition.

 Different IT providers have offered PHR, notable among them being Microsoft and Google. However, there has been a limited usage of this product though as per a 2011 study from consulting firm Deloitte there has been an increase in usage from 8 % to 11%. With an increased number of doctors using EHR, it is predicted that use of PHR too would be on rise.