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I started with top 10 list of blogs but there is so much good information available on internet that I had to grow my list.  Each one of these blogs offers some very unique educational content.  It’s like going to MBA without having to pay for it.  

Altos Ventures Blog   |

Tim Berry |

 Steve Blank |

 Brad Feld (Foundry Group) |

 Seth Godin |

 Paul Graham |

 David Hornik |

 Ben Horowitz |

 The Huffington Post|

 Guy Kawasaki |

 Paul Kedrosky |

 Josh Kopelman / First Round Capital |

Dan Primack (Fortune’s “Term Sheet”)

 ReadWriteStart |

 Dharmesh Shah |

Fred Wilson |

 ReadWriteStart |

Dharmesh Shah |

Bob Sutton |

 I am sure you will great value in each one of these blogs,  I did.   If please feel free to share a blog that you think can bring good value to entrepreneurial person.   Please make sure not to share irrelevant link or blogs that have nothing to do with  entrepreneurship.