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 voicemail scam alart

 Are you still using the default password for your voicemail on business or personal phone. If you are than you are an easy target for voicemail fraud. The Fedral Communications Commission (FCC) has recently came to know a form of fraud that allows hackers to use a personal or business voice mail system and the default password to accept collect calls. And as you may have guessed hackers to do this without letting the consumer know about this scam.

 How does this voice fraud works ?

Most voice mail systems have a default password set, like 1,2,3,4,5 or password. Default passwords are also listed on most phone carriers website. The hacker calls your phone and press * to access your phone system.
Now hacker changes the voicemail outgoing greeting to something similar to ” Yes, I will accept the charges.” Rest is very simple. Hacker makes a collect call to the number they have just hacked. Automated operator calls the hacked number and listen’s to key word from the voicemail (“yes, I will accept the charges”), and collect call is connected. The hacker can than make international calls for long periods and innocent customer gets the bill.

There is one more twist to this scam. Most users these days have remote notification system that forward calls or messages to mailbox owner. The hacker takes advantage of this and forward the call to an international number. The hacker is than able to make the international calls.

How to protect yourself from this scam ?

  •  Hackers usually breaks into voice mail when they know victim will not be making the calls. Basically they want access to your voicemail. Call your own phone every now and than and make sure your voicemail is not changed.
  • Always change the default password that comes with your phone system.
  •  Change your voice mail password frequently; If you have not changed your password in last three months than this is good time to change it now.
  •  Try to stay away from obvious passwords like 1,2,3,4,5.
  •  If you do not call internationally than this service should be blocked by calling your service provider. (Note: Most carriers turn on this service by default).
  • Check your monthly call records to see if any fraudulent international calls are made. Usually these calls are made internationally.

You can file a complaint with the FCC:

There is no charge to file a complaint with FCC. If you have become victim of this scam than you can file a complaint by calling FCC at 1-888-225-5322. You can also file complaint at their website.