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You worked very hard in school for last 5 years and just passed your CPA exam.  You are thinking about starting your own business practice but you would like to get some ideas about branding your new business. Well, let me see if I can help you little bit.

You have two options when it comes down to branding.  A.) You want to brand yourself (aka Mr. Smart Accountant, CPA) or B.) You want a unique new brand name (aka Best Hayward Accounting Firm).   Picking option A usually sounds very attractive to start up one man shops but businesses with owner name as brand are very hard to resell.  This is simply because new prospective owner do not want your name as their brand.   So, decide in advance if you would like to resell your business or not.

In my opinion, you are done with the hard part.  Everything else should be decided based upon your customer’s opinion.   Logical next step is getting a logo for your name.   But before you get a logo, you must clarify, what is it that your brand should represent? What unique value will you be giving to your customers? What is it that you want to be known for?  Your logo shouldn’t be just your name.  It should simply represent the solution to that ultimate problem you are solving for your customer.

At this stage, you will also need to pick a color scheme. Color scheme will used in all of your literatures, website, dress code, posters or any other marketing material you will every produce.   You must get this color combination correct.   Don’t worry; you do not have to guess.   Your friends, family members and even the unknown strangers can help you with this task.  Once you have your logo designed, have the graphic designer give you the logo in various color combination.  Print them and ask your friend network for their vote.   You can email it to them, post them on social media or show them on paper.  Try to collect at least 200 votes before picking the color combination.   There are hundreds of forums online that provide free reviews to logo, graphic design, websites and blog post.  Post your logo their and ask them for their opinion.   This will make it very clear as to what will appeal to your potential customer.   

Now it’s time to build a good looking website. Do not settle for cheap looking site that bring almost no value to your customer.  My concern is that your website represents your brand.   People often judge the size and value of the company by their website.  You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on website.  You can even start with one page site but it must look professional.  

Get a basic brochure.  Brochure that is simple to understand but attractive enough to make your customer pick it up and read.   Small description of product or services you offer and why they should purchase it from you.

These three simple things (Logo, Website and Brochure) can get you started with building your brand.  Please share your thoughts about how you started your branding. What worked and what didn’t work you.   Your experience can help someone else avoid some major pitfalls.