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T1 Connection

Most of our customers in Hayward, San Leandro, Fremont CA area has experience the network downtime due to internet connection issues. Most of these customers were either on DSL or Cable. At random times, their system will slow down and employee productivity went down the hill. T1 connection is an ideal solution if you are in a similar problem.

Full T1 Line is the most popular seller here at Fixtro. We sell Full T1 (1.5 MBPS) connection starting at only $199.99. Full T1 give you guaranteed speed of 1.5 MBPS. This bandwidth is not shared with anyone else. You will have access to full 1.5 MBPS upload and 1.5 MBPS download. You can also use T1 to carry both data, voice and video traffic.

T1 line has 24 channels that transmit data at the speed of 64 kbps each. So basically you get approx speed of 1.54 mbps (64 kbps x 24 = 1.54 mbps full T1). You can easily operate up to 70 computers with this kind of connection for basic internet need. Because T1 guarantees upload and download speed, this is considered the most reliable internet connection. T1 connections can also be combined together to increase the bandwidth. This option allows small businesses to easily scale as their business grows.

Another benefit of full T1 is static ip addresses. Usually your service provide will give 8 static ip addresses with your T1 connection. You also request more if you needed. Static IP addresses can be used for hosting your own web server.

Your Service provider brings the T1 connection to your building wiring closet. They usually do not bring the connection to your suite or office. You will be required to run the network cable from the wiring closet to your suite. Fixtro can help you with this kind of structured cabling need. You will also need a T1 router. You can purchase your own T1 router or lease it from Fixtro or service provider.

Lastly you will need to configure your router. Setting up T1 router requires setting up point to point connection with service provider. Configuring inside, outside and DMZ interface. Setting up network address traslation and access list to allow internet access. You may need some extra configuration based on your own unique needs.

Share your internet connection experience with us. Tell us what you have and what you like or dislike about your connection.