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President of United States have special power to invade other countries like Afghanistan or Iraq.  And soon he will also have the power to kill the Internet.   

Cybersecurity is a serious challenge for congress this year.  There is a proposal floating around in Washington that would allow the president to deal with this challenge by partially shutting down the Internet.   

Critics are concerned about the emergency powers of this bill, stating it gives the president an Internet Kill switch. Many tech and civil liberties ground have found the language in proposal too ambiguous and are afraid of misuse of powers.  At the same time, leaders familiar with the proposal do not agree with “Internet Kill Switch” statement.    According to them President would not be able to shut the Internet traffic as Egypt did in past.

Still think I am joking, you can read the summary of this bill on Reuter. Don’t be shocked to learn  that the new powers would give Obama a free hand to not only shut down entire areas of the Internet and block all Internet traffic from certain countries, but under the amalgamated bill he would also have the power to completely shut down industries that don’t follow government orders.

Many government officials around the world consider Cyberspace as a National Asset.     In United States you can expect to see many bills to protect our Cyberspace.  One such bill is Cybersecurity Education Enhancement Act, which would allow Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to set up new Cybersecurity training programs.

Another important bill likely to be introduced is one that would require small, medium and large businesses with data breaches to notify affected customers.    Many states already have similar laws on the books.   Companies like Symantec and other security groups have long pushed for such laws.

Sounds like both the fedral government and state government have plans to deal with Cybersecurity.  What are your plans? How are you protecting your business and customer data?


Comcast launched a special internet plan for only $9.95/month.  This plan provides internet speed of up to 1.5 mbps download and up to 384 kbps upload. Service provider is calling this special an Internet Essential plan for families with low income. You can sign up for this limited time offer by visiting Comcast website.

Comcast is offering affordable internet, computers and digital literacy training to families with children who are eligible to receive free lunches under the National School Lunch program. According to Comcast spokesperson there will be no activation fees, no modem rental fees and no price increases.   None the less, this offer is no completely string free.

There are eligibility requirements one must meet to qualify.   You must live within the Comcast service area, and can’t have signed up for the internet service from Comcast within the last ninety days.  Also, customers with an outstanding bill are not eligible for this promotion.   Participants are eligible for this promotional price for three years as long as they have at least one child who qualifies for free school lunches.

This offer is only good for residential customers.  Business customers can contact Fixtro at 510-709-4030 to sign up for Comcast Business Class Internet service starting at only $59.99.

Let us know your thoughts about Comcast Internet Service.