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The world is becoming increasingly competitive and every minute is counted in terms of money. In the present day situation, advertising and marketing are considered the only two mediums that can be economically very draining as well as can result in huge financial gain. Both of these are unanimously regarded worldwide for their high-end productivity and handsome financial returns. No matter how small a business is, marketing proves to be very helpful in increasing the profits of an organization and is capable of producing remarkable results overnight. Marketing indicates a well formulated and detailed planning that is prepared meticulously, and execution of the ideas included in the plan for producing good business. So considering the importance of this aspect it has indeed become the need of the hour to establish the presence of a brand with the help of marketing. There is no better way to enhance customer base, reputation and brand image of a company than by marketing itself. Marketing is a pricey phenomenon and involves huge cost. It becomes very profitable and exciting for an organization if it gets a continual flow of great marketing ideas.

Talking in this context a number of interesting options have been talked about. The following passage throws light on these topics.

  • Ever heard of performance marketing-This can be a great marketing idea, which involves no cost at all. It has started gaining recognition as an important marketing strategy in the growing world of internet marketing. Unlike other forms of promotion, performance marketing is paid only on the basis of its performance. The working of this concept involves creating website for the promotion and sale of products of other companies. Only after that, a complete transaction takes place a performance publisher is being paid. So get started with performance marketing and forget all money worries.
  • The second option gives the choice of associating and offering friendly assistance to a local kid’s apparel and shoes store. This is practically free marketing but is sure to offer profitable results.
  • It is indeed a good idea to build friendly relations with the local gynecologist workers who work at maternity ward and attend patients there. Tell them to inform you the next time when a new baby is born. This is indeed the easiest marketing option and involves no cost at all. Just when a couple of months are over the families of the new born babies can be contacted for offering services which they will need at that time.
  • When the capital or the initial investment for establishing a business is less in amount a few aspects need to be taken into consideration which are- increasing the amount of savings, realizing that the stock of goods is equivalent to money and they cannot be kept idle because unless and until they are sold there will be no profits and lastly comes the ability to enhance savings.
  • Distribution of pamphlets and flyers to local school parents and PTA meetings. This serves to be an effective marketing policy and it is totally free of cost. There are times when the local childcare providers do not have enough seats for accepting new entrants. Parents can contact the organization whose contact number is provided in the leaflets for availing their service.
  • Posting flyers to different Retirement Centers and Assisted Living Centers proves to be a helpful marketing option. The strategy really works because the old people who stays in such establishments helps in building contact with the service providers and their prospective clients. It happens because most of these old people are grandparents of the children whose parents need the service of these organizations. The grandparents can mention the name of the organizations whose contact number is given in the flyers to the parents and can advice them to avail their service for their children. There can be a more effective way if the service provider can prepare an informal presentation at their client’s home to strengthen their reliability and efficiency.
  • Client referral is another important form of marketing that is inexpensive and helps in giving good results. If a person is fully satisfied with a service that he availed, he can suggest the name of that service provider to his friends and relatives. Thus,”Referrals” serves to be the cost effective medium for promoting one’s business or brand.

You worked very hard in school for last 5 years and just passed your CPA exam.  You are thinking about starting your own business practice but you would like to get some ideas about branding your new business. Well, let me see if I can help you little bit.

You have two options when it comes down to branding.  A.) You want to brand yourself (aka Mr. Smart Accountant, CPA) or B.) You want a unique new brand name (aka Best Hayward Accounting Firm).   Picking option A usually sounds very attractive to start up one man shops but businesses with owner name as brand are very hard to resell.  This is simply because new prospective owner do not want your name as their brand.   So, decide in advance if you would like to resell your business or not.

In my opinion, you are done with the hard part.  Everything else should be decided based upon your customer’s opinion.   Logical next step is getting a logo for your name.   But before you get a logo, you must clarify, what is it that your brand should represent? What unique value will you be giving to your customers? What is it that you want to be known for?  Your logo shouldn’t be just your name.  It should simply represent the solution to that ultimate problem you are solving for your customer.

At this stage, you will also need to pick a color scheme. Color scheme will used in all of your literatures, website, dress code, posters or any other marketing material you will every produce.   You must get this color combination correct.   Don’t worry; you do not have to guess.   Your friends, family members and even the unknown strangers can help you with this task.  Once you have your logo designed, have the graphic designer give you the logo in various color combination.  Print them and ask your friend network for their vote.   You can email it to them, post them on social media or show them on paper.  Try to collect at least 200 votes before picking the color combination.   There are hundreds of forums online that provide free reviews to logo, graphic design, websites and blog post.  Post your logo their and ask them for their opinion.   This will make it very clear as to what will appeal to your potential customer.   

Now it’s time to build a good looking website. Do not settle for cheap looking site that bring almost no value to your customer.  My concern is that your website represents your brand.   People often judge the size and value of the company by their website.  You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on website.  You can even start with one page site but it must look professional.  

Get a basic brochure.  Brochure that is simple to understand but attractive enough to make your customer pick it up and read.   Small description of product or services you offer and why they should purchase it from you.

These three simple things (Logo, Website and Brochure) can get you started with building your brand.  Please share your thoughts about how you started your branding. What worked and what didn’t work you.   Your experience can help someone else avoid some major pitfalls.

The success secret of any business is selling more. To put it simple, whether it is a computer software or simple handkerchief you produce, the sales should peak for you to get more profit. How do you increase sales? You can do it by letting know as many people as possible about your quality product and convincing them to buy it. It is simply known as Advertising in one word. Now comes the question how to advertise and where to advertise? Advertise your product in the place with maximum exposure. Be it a banner in the middle of the road or the top of a huge building, the place where more people can see your ad is the best place to post it.

Transfer the same logic to virtual media. There are no huge buildings in internet. But there are numerous visitors. Once you place your ad in the website which has maximum number of visitors, the chance for your sales increases automatically. This is where social media or social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook come into place. They are like road junctions in the internet. Nearly every one I know have an account in either Facebook or Twitter. Even if they don’t visit other websites regularly, they login to check their messages received in the social networking sites quite often. You can ask your friends and family members if they are on one of these socail media sites. Once you place your business ads in a social network site, the chances for people to see your advertisement doubles or triples automatically.

According to Google, the most browsed site in the world currently is Facebook. Even the Google search engine comes behind the Facebook site. Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn and many other social media have very high and regular visitor list. Viewership being one major aspect, communication is a great way to enhance your business and social networking sites are the best way to do it. Imagine you have a boutique in Hayward, CA. If you promote it through social networking sites, so many people will interact with you directly. You can study the pulse of the customer in a much better way through the interactions in social networking sites.

That’s the reason so many major companies like Dunkin Donuts and BMW have their own dedicated places in the social media. They maintain a personal relationship with the customer through the social media, serve them better and make the customer come back to them again and again. Since they know what the customers want exactly, they are able to produce better products and get higher profits. Tweeting, using Facebook, E-mail marketing, video marketing everything is done to improve the sales at the end of the day. Social Media turns out to be one obligatory place for marketing for those who yearn to get more profits.

I will be writing a series of articles about how to grow  business using social media.  Check us out next week to learn step by step guide about how to grow your business using social media.