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QR codes stand for Quick Response Codes.   These are used by consumers who want immediate access to relevant information. QR codes look very similar to barcodes you might have seen on the back of retail products.   QR codes are two dimensional vs. regular bar codes are one dimensional codes.  QR codes can hold lots more information compared to regular bar codes.

QR codes can link to any kind of digital content on the web.  You can also use QR codes to activate instant message, video, or email.  Consumer simply scan the QR code using their iPhone, BlackBerry, Android or other smart phone, and it automatically links the customer to business.   Consumers can make a purchase, request information, or get directions by simply scanning the code.

Image you are at the airport reading a magazine while waiting for your plane. In the magazine, you see a small advertisement offering “Free Cup Cake With Cup of Coffee – Scan here to order now”.    One simple scan and you got yourself a free cup cake and saved time waiting & ordering your coffee.   This is the power of QR codes.  They can be used in very little space and customers can access detailed information with just simple scan.

You can display QR codes on products, marketing material and  business cards or anything else you can think of.  

It’s about time that you think about Mobile Marketing and QR codes.  More and More consumers are searching on their mobile phone.  They want your business info while on the go.  
Let me know if you have used these QR codes. If not try QR codes when ever you see one and see how it save your money or time.