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 Incoming Call Showing Number of caller and The Number Dialed By the caller.

One of the key feature small business owners love about our VOIP PBX system is ability to route multiple phone numbers from various offices to one number.  This allows them to reduce staff at multiple offices while providing better service to their customers.

This feature is also very popular with business owners running multiple businesses and/or websites but have the same staff answering calls for each business. For example, lets say you operate 5 websites and each website has a unique line of product, brand identity, domain name and toll free number.   You can have all 5 toll free numbers come to your central office and route calls to your sales and support staff.  Like i previously mention, by having all phone calls routed to same staff, businesses can reduce the number of employees needed to manage the business.

However,  The challenge is how do you know which customer is calling what business ?  This information is critical for sales staff to know so that they can properly greet the customer and help with correct product and/or service.

Solution is our Enhanced Caller ID solution.   Enhanced called ID shows the number of caller just like any other phone but it also shows the number dialed by the customer.  We can also convert the dialed number into name.  For example, we can covert 510-709-4030 into  This feature quickly inform us that client is calling Fixtro.

Our system also shows this information in call log’s.  You can quickly retrieve this information by checking missed call, dialed call or received call log.

Missed Call  Showing Number of caller and The Number Dialed By the caller

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Seeing the name is easier than the number.  This feature allows you to see which office or domain customer is calling.





Many of customers also love getting their voicemail in email.  Our enhanced called ID feature also shows all the details in email.

Let me know what do you think about this feature ? Can it help your grow you business ?


Free Cisco UC 320

Hosted PBX systems are disliked by some small business owners. They opt to have some hardware in their own office under their control for the money paid. Further small business owners who want less than 20 connections do not have anything to do with multi-site support and other advanced features. All they want is a PBX system with limited features and low cost, suitable for their business. Cisco Small Business Unified Communication 320 is a recent PBX system released by Cisco. The system is appropriate for small offices and small businesses.

The hardware looks like a small router we use for internet connection. The box has four Gigabit Ethernet ports, 12 FXO ports, Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) support and SIP trunk support. There is integrated voice mail and auto attendant software coming with the package. SIP trunk manages to get rid of all the heavy instruments and make the hardware required for PBX systems as small as possible. Hence, Unified communication 320 is known for its small size and high productivity. Unified communication 320 is by far the cheapest PBX system in the market. What makes it more irresistible is its brand name.

All you have to do after purchasing the hardware is to connect it to a 24 port switch and start using the phone lines. All the data, voice and multimedia needs of the company are taken care of by the PBX system ensuring customer’s full satisfaction. Hardware, switch and software, what do we talk to? Of course the companies should connect separate telephones to the switches. But the system supports low cost Cisco SPA300 and SPA500 SIP phones. This makes the system much more affordable. Small offices looking for PBX systems which they could control themselves find Unified Communication 320 as the best choice. The system received a lot of positive reviews stating its performance is much better than its other counterparts from Cisco.

Fixtro provides full assistance in assembling the Cisco Unified Communication 320 PBX system. We also provide the necessary customer service required in case of any repair. Customers who purchase a full Fixtro Unified Communications system get the Cisco Unified Communication 320 PBX systems for free. Huge companies who get more than ten lines can make use of this free PBX system to manage a smaller branch or a division of the office. The offer is valid for a limited period of time only in Only customers of get a chance to try their hands on the Unified communication 320 PBX systems for free.

Want to learn more about Cisco UC 320, Give Fixtro a call at 510-709-4060 and schedule a free demo.  We will show you the full power of Cisco Unified Communication Device (AKA UC320).   You will able to experience the truly state of the art phone PBX system.  You will learn about Cisco Phones, UC320, Smart power of Ethernet Switches that will make your company look like next fortune 500 company. 

Don’t worry.  Consultation is free. Pick up the phone and give us a call today 510-709-4060.