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Lately I have been seeing lots of computers with scareware’s.  Scareware are designed to scare users to into thinking that their computer is infected with virus.

User will see a pop up screen in the form of realistic looking virus scan.  Next you will notice the scan being performed on your computer. After few minutes you will be notified that hundreds of infections are found and you need to click remove button to remove them.   Idea behind this screen is to scare user to click somewhere on this fake screen.

If you click the remove button you will notice a fake scanner deleting some viruses and after moments you will get a warning stating that you still have some more “infections” and those infections can only be deleted once you upgrade the software by paying $49 or $29.

Average user gets scared by this tactic and pays by credit card to remove the infection.  This is where the problem gets worse.  Hacker has already infected your computer, possibly collected private information and tricked you into giving him your credit card information.

How to protect yourself from this kind of scarewares ?

You need to learn to indentify this kind of scarewares.  They come in shape of email, link on facebook, friend request, phone calls or regular mails.   You must recognize them and immediately take action.

You should immediately close scarewares by clicking on “X” or by pressing Ctl + Alt + Del.  You should run a good antivirus/anitmalware program to remove the scareware.  In any case, never give out your credit card or any other personal information.

Please share your thoughts of scarewares.